20 Sneaky Signs Your Kid Thinks Their Working Mom is a Rock Star


Leaving your kids to go to work each day can be hard. Missing their basketball game for a last-minute meeting is harder. Having to hole yourself up for an entire Saturday afternoon to meet a deadline is the freakin’ worst, and I haven’t even gotten into the sad but brave little faces they make that just rip your bleeding mommy heart out.

But the truth of the matter is that children of working mothers actually have an advantage. Many go on to have more fulfilling careers, relationships and emotional independence. Not only do they benefit from having a working mom, most really like it. While younger children don’t have the same advantage of hindsight as the adults studied for recent research, that doesn’t mean that they don’t totally admire, respect and are continually inspired by what you do. Even though they may not have the ability, wherewithal or inclination to tell you, here are 20 signs that your child thinks their working mom is a total, flippin’ rock star.

1. They call their lunchbox their “briefcase” and insist on carrying it themselves.

3. They love to talk about all the things they’ll do when they have their own computer.

4. They ask, totally unprompted, about what you did that day.

6. They remember your boss’s name.

7. They love FaceTiming with you on your break.

9. Whether it’s a plastic-toy picnic or chicken cordon bleu, your kid likes to make sure you’re fed.

10. They might be sad you have to miss the school play, but they let you know they get it.

12. They celebrate your promotions just as much as you do.

15. You catch them on their toy phone discussing “very important business.”


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