3 Ways to Make Money Online As a College Student


I recently graduated from an expensive private university. I know the enormous financial pressure you feel right now firsthand. As a college student, I barely had time for heavy school work and other activities, let alone getting a job. But I eventually sucked it up and forced myself to work a part-time job. Even then, the income was barely enough to cover my rent. In addition to the low income, the long hours made me feel even more depressed. All this motivated me to investigate ways to make money online as a college student. Too bad that I didn’t take my “making money online” project seriously until I graduated college and found myself unemployed.

Making money online is definitely a good way to support a college student. Because you online business never stops operating, it is totally possible to make money while you are falling asleep in class or puking your guts out at a house party. Below are 3 ways you can make money online as a college student:

1. Start A Blog, Preferably with Your College Friends

I know how busy college can get. It isn’t realistic to come up with a lot of materials by yourself. But if you distribute the work among a few close friends, you can come up with a lot of blog posts in a short time. For example, one friend can do research on the topics, one English major can crank out the posts, while you focus on getting visitors to your blog. You can also put multiple writers on the blog, but make sure you guys stay on topic and show consistency in the posts. Potential topics include: college life, college food, parties, classes, and funny things happening to stupid college students.

If the opportunity presents itself, be sure you take charge and become the owner of the blog. This will ensure your financial success even if something were to happen within your student business group.

2. Write Articles

Writing articles to online publishers, such as this one, is a surprisingly effective way to earn money. People publish these articles in order to attract customers to their websites. Since most of business owners would like to promote through articles, there is a huge demand right now for article writers. As an article writer, you will write for various companies and individuals for a predetermined fee. Your employer will generally give you a list of keywords on a topic and ask you to write a short article about that subject. If the article is well written, your employer will publish it online along with links to his or her website.

You can also write for yourself and earn commission through affiliate sales, which is a more profitable way to go. In this case, you do the exactly same thing as previously described, but the links are now working for you. When a reader clicks through a link to a sales page and buys a product, your account will be credited with a commission.

3. Do Work for Online Marketers

Everyone wants to start a business online, including the technologically-challenged and older people. For this reason, they generate a demand for computer work. Graphics design, email setup, photoshopping, video editing, just to name a few. As a college student, you are more tech-savvy than the most, and many of online marketers’ requests will seem like a joke to you. This means that you can make some easy cash just by doing what every other college student is doing already.


Source by Jason Y Li