3 Work Resolutions for the New Year


As we enter the new year, it’s a great time to make career resolutions in addition to the sometimes typical “eat better,” “read more” and “get more sleep.” While those are important goals no doubt (who doesn’t want more sleep?!), it’s a great exercise to set out some New Year resolutions that can positively affect your career too.

1. Communicate more. It can be all too easy to hide behind your desk, so to speak, immersed in your duties. Instead, make a point of reaching out to your boss to discuss feedback on your performance and/or to give your direct reports more feedback. Keeping communication open on a regular basis keeps everyone on the same page and working better as a team.

2. Try for more flexibility. Believe it or not, more employers—including the government—are realizing the cost benefits of allowing staff to work from home. Don’t be afraid to approach your boss about the possibility of working from home, even if just one or two days a week. Not only will you likely be more productive, you’ll also save time on commuting while having more time with your family. If you are the boss, consider offering flexible options to your staff and watch office morale shoot through the roof … along with productivity.

3. Advance in your career. Too often we moms can get caught up in thinking that a promotion may mean more work, which would equal less time to spend with our families. Although historically that may have been the norm, times are changing and more working mothers are advancing higher up the ladder while still achieving work life balance. Sometimes even thinking about your goals can help set you up for achieving them, so let yourself dream of what those next steps look like. 

Since we all can get caught up in the intricacies of career, family and the balance of it all, it can be easy to overlook setting 2013 career goals. Whether the above are a fit for you or not, make your own job resolutions and see that you follow them through. Happy New Year!


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