4 Case Studies on Using Digital Marketing to Grow a Business


Digital marketing has become one of the most popular platforms for growing businesses. According to Forrester, US based businesses will spend approximately $120 billion on digital marketing by 2021. This has created demand for a variety of services, such as marketing automation software from HubSpot. Some companies have also developed specialized tools, such as video displays for trade shows. These are frequently used by companies that do trade show marketing, as mentioned below.

Despite the amount of money brands are investing in digital marketing, many new businesses are still skeptical. If you are still debating whether or not to invest in digital marketing, you may want to read these case studies. They illustrate how effective it can be.

Copyright: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo

The Value of Marketing Automation: 3P Creative Group

Organic online marketing can be a very powerful way to grow a business. It can be even more effective with a marketing automation tool like HubSpot. A recent case study from 3P Creative Group showed they were able to increase website traffic by 969% and generate 20 times as many leads. They also experienced a 1,271% increase in organic search traffic, which was very compelling. They still rank for many of those keywords, so they are generating consistent leads.

Using Social Media for Medical Trade Shows: Toshiba America Medical Systems

Social media is very effective, but it isn’t a substitute for traditional marketing. Rather, it should complement existing marketing strategies. Toshiba America Medical Systems proves this very well.

Toshiba runs a lot of trade shows to promote their medical products. They used video to nearly double the number of leads they acquired through trade shows, even though they actually decreased the number of booths they had.

A number of other medical companies like Wellness MGT were inspired by this case study and have begun incorporating social media into their own trade show marketing strategies.


Localize Your Social Media Campaigns for Massive Leads: SAP Latin America

SAP is one of the companies that has been most successful with social media marketing. Marketing Sherpa wrote a case study on their social media strategy.

One of the reasons SAP handles social media marketing so effectively is that they tailor their campaigns to their local audiences. Their results from their Latin America customers shows how effective that is. By customizing their social media messages for customers in that area, they were able to boost followers by 900%.

Marketing Sherpa says the marketing strategists at SAP realized that storytelling was a huge part of Latin American culture, so they included it in their social media marketing campaign.

“One major reason for these numbers, according to one analyst cited by Sanchez, is the plaza culture in Latin America. Cities in Latin America have many plazas where people congregate and share stories, opinions and just enjoy each other’s company. This culture translated very easily to the digital world in the form of social media.”

Using Contests to Engage Customers: Dunkin’ Donuts

Over the past few years, Dunkin’ Donuts has struggled to maintain market share, because they are competing with Starbucks and other premium coffee brands. While they are still facing a brand deficit, the team at Dunkin’ Donuts found that using social media contests was a great way to engage and grow.

They ran a few different contests, but that “Keep It Coolatta” is one of the best. They were able to generate over 300,000 new fans on Facebook and boost their presents on Pandora at the same time.


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