4 Ways to Make Money Writing Online


There are many ways to  make   money  writing  online . Writing for the web is full of opportunities, even for writers who don’t have a lot of experience. You don’t need to write for free, and you don’t need to write for slave wages. Thousands of blogs and websites are looking for content providers. Consider the following ways to  make   money  writing  online :

Sell Your Articles

Several websites offer the opportunity to sell your articles and get paid for them. One example of this type of site is Constant Content. Sites such as Textbroker and Demand Studios list specific articles that need to be written. You won’t get rich doing this type of writing, but you will gain valuable experience and you will start to earn  money  writing.

Obtain Ghostwriting Clients

There are dozens of ways to find ghostwriting clients. You can offer your services on your own website or blog, or you can promote your services in forums or by using various forms of advertising. Job boards such as Elance or Guru list projects that freelancers can bid on. Remember that just because there are hundreds of buyers who only want to pay a $1 or $2 for an article, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for that. High-paying clients are out there. Keep looking.

Write Short Reports or E-Books

Many writers will tell you that the most lucrative form of writing is creating your own information products. If you prefer to write longer projects, consider pursuing e-books or short reports. There is a huge demand for this type of material, and you can write on any topic you want. E-books or reports can be sold on your own website, or you can format them to be sold on Kindle.

Your Own Website or Blog

There are many ways to use your writing skills to  make   money   online  from your own website or blog. Your own site can be a platform where you market your ghostwriting service, or you can  make   money  from affiliate marketing or Google AdSense. Many bloggers focus on writing product reviews, which can lead to earning affiliate commissions. This is not a way to get rich quickly, but having your own blog or website is a way to build a path to residual income. This means that eventually you can get paid for your writing even on days that you don’t work.

These are only a few examples of ways to  make   money  writing for the web. The more you write, the more possibilities you will discover.


Source by Valerie Dansereau