6 Must-Have Accessories for a Standing Desk


If you have researched standing desks then you already know the health benefits that come along with standing at your desk all day rather than sitting, but did you know that you can get a host of accessories for your standing desk? You can, and they make a good work experience even better.

Here are 6 must-have accessories for your standing desk. These will help you to keep moving and keep you healthier.

1. Under-The-Desk Mouse and Keyboard Platform

Your keyboard should be positioned at elbow height, with your arms bent at about a 90-degree angle. When the height of your keyboard is off, you can strain more than just your wrists. It can affect the muscles from your fingers all the way up to your neck. You don’t want that kind of pain and strain on your upper half. An under-desk keyboard tray can solve this problem, by keeping your keyboard at the best height, whether you are sitting or standing while you work.

2. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing while working is an excellent way to increase physical activity throughout the day, but the problem is that your feet, legs, and lower back really feel it if you aren’t used to it. That’s why an anti-fatigue standing desk floor mat is a great accessory. These mats have cushioning to help you to feel less fatigued while standing. They also encourage movement and stretching while standing. As the name implies, it will make you feel less fatigued.

3. Active Seating

Even if you are used to working at a standing desk for long periods of time, you still want some occasional rest, just to do something different. That’s where active seating helps. Active seating simply means standing desk chairs or stools that encourage a bit of movement while sitting. You can sit on wobbly stools, balance balls and other seating accessories that engage your core while you’re sitting. This is great for your posture and keeps your energy levels up. You should slowly adjust to active seating from your current office chair if you haven’t started standing at your desk yet. Check out the Best Standing Desk Chairs (2018) to see options to choose from.

4. Balance Board

Balance boards are like a see-saw that you can stand on. They are easy to use and provide a great range of motion. They will keep your body moving while you are standing at your desk, improving balance and strength. Plus, it keeps you awake and alert. These really help you to stay fit while at your desk and they are fun.

5. Monitor Risers

A monitor riser does the same thing that your keyboard platform does, except it is for your monitor. Having your monitor at the proper height reduces neck strain. It should be positioned directly in front of you, at eye level. If it is too low, too high, or too far to either side, your neck will hurt. If you spend all day working under those conditions, it is going to negatively affect your health.

6. Foam Rollers

Very few accessories are as versatile as foam rollers. They can be used for many exercises, but they can also be used at your standing desk. Stand on it, use it for some foot exercises, put it on your desk and roll your arms across it to stretch and relieve stress, for instance. Use your imagination. Foam rollers come in several forms. You can choose from extra-firm and durable, and some have smooth or rigid surfaces.

With some accessories, your standing desk becomes an even more powerful tool to improve your health. Add a few of these to your workstation and you will have a much better workday and you’ll feel better too. Instead of sitting for hours on end developing future back issues, standing desks will contribute to your well-being and productivity.

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