A Facebook Group is Helping Families Travel the World Without Breaking the Bank—and We Totally Want to Join


Traveling the world with family doesn’t have to be expensive. Thanks to a growing Facebook group, women are getting the help they need to affordably make their dream vacations a reality.

With over 12,000 members, Wandering Moms aims to help women interested in traveling or living abroad with their kids by sharing tips and resources. On their accompanying site, they say they’re dedicated to dispelling motherhood travel myths, like the idea that it has to be “expensive, taxing or impossible.”

According to KHOU, Wandering Moms does this by using sites like Sky Scanner, Secret Flying and Escape Houston to get discount airfare, and uses Airfordable to purchase tickets on online layaway when prices surge. They also find opportunities to rack up credit card travel points and share hidden low-fares free.

One member, single mom Jill Davidian, told KHOU she was able to go to Kenya for $179 roundtrip, and got to visit Sydney with her 10-year-old son during a layover to New Zealand. Touring Sydney cost her less than $300.

Wandering Moms was founded in 2016 by three single mothers. One of them is Houston middle school teacher Tanai Benard. In 2013, she moved to Dubai with her three children. According to KHOU, while there, she joined travel groups where she learned other people’s tips for taking trips and saving money while traveling. To pay it forward to others, Wandering Moms was born.

Though the Facebook group is closed and you’ll need to get approval to post, you can check out their website, WanderingMoms.com in the meantime. There you’ll find other helpful resources like tips for getting a passport for your kid, and a post on money-saving strategies and essays from other members in their blog section.

And of course, don’t miss their Instagram page, filled with pics of families traveling the world.


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