A Team Effort: Staying In Shape As a Family


A great way to bond can actually be exercising with your family or at least doing something active. Everyone has seen those families that simply look in shape as the entire family has made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle looks different for different families as some families want to look good for aesthetic reasons while others want to be as healthy as possible. A parental unit that stresses health sets their children up for success when it comes to productivity and athletics. The following are ways to stay in shape as a family.

Join a Family Friendly Gym

Gyms that have activities for everyone can be perfect for those who might have younger children. The YMCA is generally a decent place for the entire family as they have leagues for children as well as adults for basketball, baseball, and a variety of other sports. Avoid gyms that are aimed specifically for adults as you want the entire family involved. If you have teens you can join this type of gym but make sure that safety comes first. In the cases of some group based fitness gyms, doing things with poor form are accepted and the last thing you want to do is have someone injured due to performing quantity over quality when it comes to exercises.

Compete Against Each Other

Competition can bring out the best in everyone as well as make those who hate working out forget that they are actually exercising. A game like dodgeball can be something that you play with the friends of your children or other families. Dodgeball is a great option as all you need are a few dodgeballs as well as a space to play. Any sport that your family enjoys can be turned into a great activity to stay active. Try a few different games to see which will become a staple of the entire family’s routine.

Get Involved With Your Teen’s Goals

A teenage boy or girl that is involved with sports will have goals when it comes to their sport. Younger teens are going to need the guidance of a professional or a parent that understands training in a sport specific fashion. For many teen boys their goal is to gain weight and become as strong as possible. For a girl that is a female their goal when lifting weights might be to become as explosive as possible. If a coach has provided a workout you can simply be there to participate and support your teen. There will be times where your teen needs extra motivation and a parent is the perfect person to provide this. Do not push too hard though as this can lead a teen to resent their sport as they feel they are being forced to do something they once enjoyed.

Eat and Cook For Performance

As a mother you can dictate what your family eats day in and day out. Cooking and eating for performance is important as you do not want foundation of your active lifestyle to be made of fast food and other unhealthy food options. This does not mean to put your family on a diet but rather avoid greasy foods with a ton of additives. Foods that are fresh can make a huge difference and even help with productivity for your entire family. Heavy and unhealthy foods lead to crashes which are never a positive thing regardless of who they happen to.

As you can see exercising and staying in shape as a family is easier than doing it alone as a support system offers motivation when you are lacking it. Take the time to try the above tips to see what will work the best for your family.


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