Add A Relaxing Aesthetic To Your Home Office With Bellacor’s Calming & Chic Desk Fountains


The Kenroy Home Montra Wood Grain Indoor Tabletop Fountain features a calming babbling effect and swaying pebbles that help induce tranquility.

It’s almost spring cleaning season, a.k.a. the perfect time to revamp your home office and create an inspiring workspace. This goes beyond just decluttering desks and organizing files–it is essential to add relaxing elements to your office that will help dispel daily stress and anxiety. For those looking for ways to create a relaxing workspace, Bellacor offers an array of design-forward water fountains that will help create a feeling of calm each day.

Fountains are wonderful for offices, as the gentle sound of moving water subconsciously helps you focus on moving along on tasks. Bellacor’s eye-catching and budget-friendly tabletop fountains make a lovely addition to any desk. Top picks include the chic Dark Brown 7-Inch LED Fountain ($56.06) and the Kenroy Home Montra Wood Grain Indoor Tabletop Fountain ($113.40), which features a babbling effect that induces tranquility.

Bellacor’s gorgeous Dark Brown 7-Inch LED Fountain features a crystal-like hard plastic rotating ball, a cascading water display, and LED light that changes colors for an illuminating effect.

Entrepreneurs will also love the Woodstock Percussion Woodstock Water Bell Fountain ($162.95), which boasts a gorgeous copper finish and brass bells. Bellacor also offers larger indoor fountains that would look great in any office corner, such as the Melrose International Copper Lotus Fountain ($84.95). In this awe-inspiring fountain, water drips from the tallest Lotus flower to the shortest and ends in the bottom pot.

Bellacor also offers a wide selection of lovely water fountains that will look great standing in the corner of your office, such as the Melrose International Copper Lotus Fountain.

At Bellacor, home is a life in progress. Since 2000, Bellacor has carefully curated more than 500,000 hand-selected products, including innovative desk lights and fountains. As a leader in designer lighting, decor, furniture, and much more, Bellacor works with leading manufacturers, customers and trade professionals at Bellacor Professional to make your creative visions become reality.

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