AGS Travel Sets New Industry Standard Building Virtual Travel Agencies Through Best of Travel, Technology and Direct Selling Business Models


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AGS Travel opens doors to the public today as first of three divisions to launch of parent company Ascend Global Services [AGS], a new direct selling company founded by serial entrepreneur Craig Jerabeck.

AGS is the fifth in a portfolio of companies Jerabeck has founded from ground floor to multimillion dollar status, representative of billions and trillion dollar industries. In addition to travel, AGS has expansion plans, to be announced at a later date, with a Health and Home division. Today, travel is the company’s main focus.

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Craig Jerabeck, Founder of AGS Travel

“Since we know people love to travel, there is no better source of true residual income for a direct selling business,” says Jerabeck. “Yet, very few companies compete in our space where travel, technology and direct selling are combined. Utilization of the best of ‘3 Industries’ creates a unique business model that elevates our member agents.”

AGS Travel, as its own entity, is a membership subscription company providing premium travel products at best industry rates through certified travel agent members. At AGS Travel, agent members are positioned to participate in the phenomenal growth of the online travel industry. Nearly 80% of all cruises, vacation packages, destination weddings, honeymoons, and group travel are still made using a travel agent.


AGS Travel allows member agents to expeditiously and at minimum cost garner certified agent credentials. The technology allows agents to seamlessly run their own virtual agency at best operational flow; and direct selling can work for anyone who wants to experience financial growth through multiple income streams without limitations of age, gender or circumstance.

Travel is booked and member agents are trained through an industry proven host agency, enabling member agents to book travel directly with a variety of travel and leisure vendors as well as be accredited by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) and the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). Member agents will also have available an internal travel concierge for one-on-one training and support in booking premium travel, a membership service rare in the direct selling industry.


“Statistics show people are overworked, underpaid, missing out on life, emotionally and physically stressed because of money, frustrated by their job and/or not living their dreams,” adds Jerabeck. “Bottom-line, people want more out of life. AGS Travel answers that call, inspiring the everyday person to experience a traveling lifestyle that pays.”

AGS Travel compensation plan models both the direct selling revenue model and the traditional travel agent commission structure, giving member agents, in essence, ‘2 Revenue Tracks’ to experience income generation and growth. Members are at no obligation to do one or the other, and can capitalize on both.

AGS Travel is powered by XIP4Life, the umbrella company powering the technology and billing operations as well as housing AGS and expansion companies. AGS Travel #844-545-2477 (AGS7).


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