All About WordPress Themes – A Basic Guide


If you are looking for an effective and efficient platform for creating, editing and maintaining websites, then you would find no better option than WordPress, which is not only a website designing platform, but also an efficient software application which allows the user the privilege of an easy-to-use and simple program to set up interface for blog and website maintenance. Websites created with WordPress are quite simple to understand and easy to maintain, without the need of any HTML or other programming language knowledge to edit, update or moderate the content on the website. When you have a WordPress website, you can do wondrous things with it, without knowing anything about HTML or CSS – that is the beauty of WordPress.

Now when talking about WordPress, we cannot simply ignore WordPress themes, as they are the backbone of any WordPress website. A WordPress theme is made up of a folder containing vital template data, which is responsible for managing a particular part or feature of your website. These themes are created in a diversified manner, allowing them to be used for a variety of websites, no matter its type, genre or objective. Almost every blogger or internet designer prefers WordPress as a website creation system as it allows them to establish a professional blog or business website within a few minutes by installing a WordPress theme along with all its advanced features and plugins – that is the ease of using WordPress themes.

Most cleaning WordPress themes come with pre-prepared widgets, and allow a website owner or creator to add a long list of features and functions to the site, which makes it even more efficient and professional, in terms of appearances as well as functionality. There are literally hundreds of themes currently in existence in the website designing market, some of them free, whereas some of them have to be purchased, viz., premium themes. Almost all these themes are available either in the 2-column variant or 3-column variant, with a pixel range of 500 to 960. Let us now take a look at the types of WordPress themes available in the market. Read on to find out more.

Types of WordPress Themes

Free themes

If you are a beginner in the field of web designing, you are more prone to using free themes, which can be easily selected and installed. The free WordPress themes, being free, can be changed again and again until you can decide on one that is suitable for your website or your profession. In terms of usage constraints and quality, free WordPress themes vary quite a bit from one another.

If you want to choose the best possible free WordPress theme, the best way to do it is probably by visiting the WordPress website, which offers more than 2000 free WordPress themes to choose from, with more and more themes being added almost every day. Besides this website, you can also search on Google with keywords like FREE WORDPRESS THEMES to get your hands on a theme that is most suitable for you. But choosing from is a better option, as they update their free themes on a regular basis to fight off brute force hacks and viral attacks.

When you choose a free WordPress theme from a search engine result page, you run the risk of facing a non-compatibility issue, as these themes may not be compatible with the latest WordPress updates, or they might be highly susceptible to virus attacks and may contain bugs that might compromise your website. These facts should be kept in mind before deciding on a free WordPress theme for your website.

Responsive themes

When you want your blog or website to adjust to the varied display resolutions of the viewer’s PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, a responsive WordPress theme is what you must use to accomplish said purpose. In today’s world of handheld devices and mobile browsers, responsive themes are a must-have when it comes to using WordPress for creating your website, especially if you want to monetise your web presence in the most efficient way possible. Websites made with responsive WordPress themes are quite versatile in nature, and definitely more when compared to their standard or basic counterparts.

The business world has found a new medium to exploit with the advent of technological advancements, including the increased usage of handheld devices, which has paved the way for business houses to gain access to untapped profit reserves through responsive website creation. When you use a responsive WordPress theme, you make sure that the style and look of your website or blog, when viewed on handheld devices, is preserved in just the way you want it.

Premium themes

Premium WordPress themes are the ones you need to pay for in order to use them on your website. With premium themes, you always strike luck as they have considerably more features, components and functions than the free themes we talked about earlier. But the one thing that makes them stand out is the expert assistance provided by the designer of the theme. In terms of the number of built-in plugins, navigation, and functionality, premium WordPress themes have no other competitor in the market. With an ever-growing market and an ever-growing level of demand, the price of a premium theme can be anything between USD 45 to USD 250, depending on the variant you choose based on your taste and preference.

The market is filled to the brim with professional designers who offer premium WordPress themes at affordable rates. These themes are well coded, well designed, mobile responsive, SEO friendly, and definitely good for your website as well as your blog. When you have made up your mind to choose a premium WordPress theme, you should make it a point to do some research carefully before choosing a theme – particularly for information like update availability, browser compatibility, reputation of the designer, etc. Once you have said information, making the choice should be fairly easy.

In conclusion, it can be said with confidence that WordPress themes are a perfect tool for website creation if you are looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful CMS platform for your eCommerce website or blog.

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