Attention Mothers: A Company Party You Host Can Help You Professionally


The professional world is full of parties and events that people might want to attend but do for the sake of their careers. With this being said throwing a great company party annually not only will be something that people look forward to but it can be professional benefits. Those people who throw parties often times are looked at as “team players” even if the only thing that they want to do is have find with who they spend 40 hours a week or more with. The following are tips to throwing the best company party possible that will also help you professionally.

Invite The Big Players At The Company

The largest mistake that a mother can make when throwing a company party is only inviting those lower on the corporate ladder. Inviting a few management types is important especially if you consider yourself as incredible party planner. While hiring those who are at your level in the company is great, these people cannot help you with a promotion. Inviting a manager might deaden the party a bit but having games or other bonding activities can help loosen everyone up. You do not want to waste money on people who could go out on their own but cannot benefit you. You might like your coworkers but the party should be to help you professionally otherwise your money would be better off spent on your family. Look at this as an investment in your professional life.

The Décor Needs To Impress

Hosting a party has various details to take care of in order to make it a perfect as possible. A chewed up couch by a rambunctious dog might be fine for day to day living but it has no place at a company party. A nice tile or vintage rug can make a statement that you care about the environment you live in as well as have great attention to detail. Whether you want to believe it or not the small details in your home can impact the way that someone higher than you on the corporate ladder thinks of you. This can happen regardless of your professional performance so take care of the home or even rent furniture if yours simply does not live up to what you want to present yourself as.

Do Not Drink Too Much

The worst thing that you can do at any company function regardless if you are hosting it or not is to drink too much and embarrass yourself. This shows lack of restraint and can actually stagnate career growth in a variety of ways. Drinking too much can impact your attendance to conferences where people tend to have a few drinks up to the point of client dinners who are known to knock back a few. Keep your drinking under control and try to keep everyone else’s to a point but remember that they are adults. Another person impacting their career negatively is not your fault as you did not force them to drink. To be safe keep a limited amount of liquor and offer beer/wine as those who cannot handle liquor could go off of the rails quite quickly.

A great way for a mother to climb the corporate ladder is to show the staff a good time at a company party. If you have any questions about your ability to throw this, hold off and do it at a later date. People can judge performance at work in relation to the party you had so make it as perfect as possible.


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