Back to Business Basics: Promote Your Brand and Increase Productivity with Company Clothing


With all the Internet marketing going on these days, it can be easy to forget the power of company uniforms. Branded company clothing such as shirts, t-shirts, hats, and jackets can save you thousands of dollars in marketing fees. As well as promoting your brand, they can also help you build a company culture and identity. Here are some insights on how you can make this work for your company.

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The Advantages of Corporate Uniforms

Impacting your employees: Uniforms have a positive impact on your employees by raising their morale, making them feel part of a team and giving them pride in their work. Company clothing also creates professionalism and responsibility within your team and they promote equality within the workplace.

Creating a company environment: When your employees are wearing company uniforms it creates an environment operating on core company values. This encourages your workforce to promote business agendas and brand objectives.

Developing consumer trust: Because both your regular and your potential customers know your brand, when they see your employees wearing it, it gives them confidence and security in their relationship with your company.

Promoting your company: Well-designed uniforms that display your corporate logo and colors become walking advertisements for your company. It’s a great way to promote your services and products for free.

Benefiting employees: When your company provides uniforms to its workforce, this saves employees money and can also save time on laundry.

Protecting workers: Depending on your industry, uniforms can also provide functional benefits like personal safety. For example, flame resistant uniforms in a foundry can prevent accidental injury.

How to Choose a Uniform for Your Company

Here are some tips to help you if you’re not sure about what choices to make when you’re ordering custom company uniforms.

  • Type of fabric: This will depend on the nature of your industry, how much physical activity your workers will be doing, and whether they’ll be outside or indoors. Whatever your work environment, the uniforms should be easy to wash.
  • Choose coordinating colors: Choose your colors to match your company branding. Make sure the color of your logo, whether it’s printed or embroidered, makes a good contrast to the background color.
  • Choose comfortable clothes: While the look of your corporate uniform is important, the clothes must also be comfortable to wear all day long. Think about the activities your workers will be performing and the environment they will be working in. For example, while your office staff may look good in knee-length skirts, can they reach the bottom file drawers without appearing immodest? If your employees are uncomfortable or worried about their appearance, they won’t be able to focus on their work.
  • Unleash your creativity: If you have a promotional event coming up in the near future, why not screen print the details onto a uniform tee shirt. This is a great way to spread the word amongst your customers. Consider how you can use your workforce uniforms as an advertising space. If you’re looking for good quality clothes to emblazon with your company logo, check out jerzees shirts.
  • Discuss your designs: Run your design ideas by your staff and ask for their input; they are, after all, the ones who’ll be wearing them. Take their ideas on board and if you don’t already have a cool logo, let them help you design one. This way they’ll get excited about their new uniforms and feel like they participated in their creation.
  • Costing your uniforms: Make sure your budget will cover the number of uniforms you need to buy. Don’t opt for low-quality clothes to save money. If you need to cut back a little, think about which of the extra features are absolutely necessary.
  • Order plenty of spares: When you’ve got your design sorted, order extras. The larger your order the lower the cost will typically be. Choose a broad range of sizes for current and future employees. It’s always a good idea to keep spares on hand in case one of your worker’s damages or loses their uniform.

Your brand identity is important. It’s clear how corporate clothing can enhance your brand and build an identity. Not only that, company clothing unifies your workforce, makes each of them feel like an important part of the team and boosts their morale. So get your employees outfitted today and show the world your corporate message.

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