Best CRM Systems with Gmail Integration


Handling numerous emails can be an integral part of your business. Sometimes, a successful work with correspondence is the key factor in gaining revenue. For this reason, it is essential to optimize the processing of electronic mails and improve interaction with contacts.

Since many users prefer dealing with Gmail, a proper CRM system became a required tool for successful business. The following review introduces the best CRM Gmail-integrated systems available in the web.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

This software package is aimed at optimization of sales, marketing and customer support services. So, the working areas of this CRM tool include Sales, Service and Marketing. The software is rather convenient and offers numerous actions including customer interaction tracking, social profiles monitoring, extended email editor and many others.

In addition, using CRM online you can easily integrate your electronic mail with cloud services like Yahoo, Exchange Online. Dynamics CRM Gmail integration is also provided.

Sage CRM

Sage is an extensive CRM tool that is designed to reveal the insights of your business, understand customers, and increase growth of the business. This software allows you to improve and automate various activities across customer-related departments including marketing, sales and customer service.

The main benefits of Sage CRM are as follows:

  • accelerating sales by tracking all sales opportunities from the beginning to the end;
  • providing access to customer information in the most convenient way;
  • evaluating the marketing programs of your business;
  • improving contact with customers by monitoring social networks;

An important feature appreciated by most users is a simple Sage CRM Gmail integration.

Capsule CRM

This web-based CRM tool is designed for small business. Capsule enables to track your business contacts, manage all relationships (vendors, leads, customers, and contacts) and sales pipeline, namely tracking proposals, bids, deals and other sales opportunities.

Using Capsule, all your contacts data can be shared with the members of your team or entire company. Due to Capsule CRM Gmail integration, you can import your emails, contacts, notes, conversations, and documents.

Base CRM

Base is a rather simple customer relationship management system. The software offers a usable user interface that entails no difficulties for any beginner. The tips on the major functions of the tool are available.

Base CRM offers an integration opportunity with more than ten cloud services and a set of options for report preparation. Actually, this software is a great solution for small and medium businesses willing to improve sales. Base CRM Gmail integration is also available, as well as integration with Outlook or Office 365 accounts.


This CRM tool is used to develop effective relationships. Pipedrive is focused on sales and closing deals offering features to continue relationships after the first closing. The benefits of this CRM software are numerous including multilingual option and support of all existing currencies, as well as the best Gmail CRM integration.

Pipedrive is intended for private companies and developing businesses. A timeline view of the tool deserves a special remark since it is very convenient and elegant. Pipedrive is a perfect solution for companies aimed at sales efforts and less customer follow-up.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is a Gmail integrated CRM offering many useful functions and features. Four built-in workspace structures are available upon installation. There are Hiring, Real Estate, Support, and Sales.

NetHunt offers such benefits as unlimited records, follow-ups and folders, calendar support, mass emailing, and email tracking. In short, NetHunt turns your Gmail inbox into an advanced CRM tool for successful performance.

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