Build an Organization, Team, or Career of Distinction in the Transformational Workplace


51JpNxPVO2L._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_ hireCountry View: Books for Main Street℠ is pleased to announce the May 31, 2016, release of David J. Waldron’s third book, Hire ▪ Train ▪ Monitor ▪ Motivate: Build an Organization, Team, or Career of Distinction in the Transformational Workplace. Categorized as Business & Economics / Workplace Culture, the book will be available in paperback (ISBN: 978- 0692692172) and eBook (ASIN: B01ES8UYL4) at The electronic edition is now available for pre-order in the Kindle Store. The print edition will be available May 31st.

In Hire ▪ Train ▪ Monitor ▪ Motivate, the mission of veteran organizational leader, Waldron, is to guide the reader toward recognizing his or her essential role in today’s transformational workplace. A work environment—whether for-profit, nonprofit, or in the public service—that requires an understanding and buy-in to the Millennial Model, the cultural transition of the now predominant generation that, according to Waldron, is fast becoming the new standard in organizational behavior, group dynamics, and individual career effectiveness.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

Chapter Seven


The Expert Economy

During my thirty plus years in the workplace, I have witnessed a transformation from an employee servant to the intrepreneur, i.e. an employed entrepreneur, to the present-day independent contractor or mobile employee that offers expertise to the highest or most convenient bidder.

It is often studied and written that independent contracting of the transitional and flexible worker—Internal Revenue Service concerns notwithstanding—may become the norm in the twenty-first-century workplace.

I imagine the pending upgrade of the Internet to the more personalized Web 3.0 will transform telecommuting to standard practice as opposed to the present exception. Nevertheless, migrations by the Millennials to urban centers, and thus traditional workplaces, may persist at least in the near term.

Occupational expertise—whether academic, scientific, creative, or skilled; and whether practiced at the traditional workplace or virtually from home—may continue to set the tone for worker viability in the local and global marketplaces of the twenty-first century.

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