Carole and Ronald Krist Samaritan Counseling Center


Learning about the Carole and Ronald Krist SAMARITAN counseling center, couldn’t have come at a better time, as we are approaching the holidays. For the majority of the time, holidays are considered a time where lots of love and joy are spread among kindred spirits; while families unite, come together to rejoice and partake in festive activities.

While this does hold some truth, the holidays can also be a truly depressing time for others. Simply because of the sometimes unwarranted, debilitating and stifling conditions that plague them, such as: depression, anxiety PTSD etc., which seem to intensify during the holidays. These conditions do not discriminate. Mothers, Stay at home moms, Working Women, Single, Married, Widowed, all alike, when facing situations that can bring on these feelings, that don’t just target persons of a particular race.

For many reasons, these conditions will flare up, but the subject remains taboo. I never shy away from the subject, no matter the stated stigmas that are associated with the reasons people are uncomfortable about having this conversation. That is because I personally know what it is like to be in a place where you feel alone sometimes, or in a place where you are anxiety ridden and struggle with internalizing and/or processing change whether it’s change in your surroundings with a move, new job, loss of job, loss of loved one, and any other circumstantial change in your life, that could possibly bring on these feelings in particular.

Families that are estranged, along with marriages that need rehab; together with mental illness and inability to cope or even adapt in the season of giving, due to the state of someone’s condition can make these times harder to bare for some individuals. Even for those who are related to, closely associated to, or in any capacity involved with someone who exhibits the behavior, such as your spouse, ex, partner, co-worker; may find it challenging. Being a new mother, or experiencing separation from the family, child’s father, your friends, going back to work, being laid off of work, accepting a new position, being denied for a promotion, being in a new city, exposure to foreign surroundings; are all things that can attribute to the range of emotions and moods swings that shift back and forth, causing feelings of despair. The way we file, process, assess, evaluate, receive, retain or express these feeling could affect day-to-day living.

For these reasons, there are many health care organizations and health care professionals, who work relentlessly, around the clock; to provide support and assistance to those who are in need of counseling or a mental reset. They also offer the resource and tools necessary, to those who want to lend a hand to someone else that are in need of mental healthcare and healing.

Our society is in need of a makeover and that makeover begins with the individuals that make up that society. In order to create a more perfect solution toward maintaining the common goal of healing the country, we need to embrace the challenges that we are facing personally, and be willing to strike judgment from the record, when helping our fellow mankind. That comes with acknowledging and then understanding that the people you see on a daily basis, as “normal” as they appear, can benefit from knowing that, believers are not alone in their quest to have quality of life, through quality of care. A little compassion goes along way.

The Carole and Ronald Krist SAMARITAN counseling Center is “ Dedicated to Quality of Care”

Based on the philosophy that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected, our highly qualified, diverse staff of mental health professionals helps individuals grow toward positive mental health. By using a team approach and drawing upon the unique talents of professionals from the counseling, theological and medical disciplines, we work together to renew the whole person: mind, body and spirit.
In addition to counseling and psychotherapy, we offer psychological testing, psychiatric consultation and training for mental health and clergy professionals as well as those interested in lay ministry.

Mission Statement
The Carole and Ronald Krist Samaritan Counseling Center helps those in need throughout greater Houston to attain emotional, mental and spiritual health through quality counseling, education and professional training programs. We seek to follow the example of Jesus in ministering to all, regardless of age, ethnicity, faith or ability to pay.

The Carole and Ronald Krist Samaritan Counseling Center, who’s also celebrating 30 years of service, will be honoring the Krist Family and the Texas Annual Conference of United Methodist Church and Rev. Kip Gilt; at the “WISHES DO COME TRUE 2016 GALA’ on Wednesday November 30th 2016 at 6:30 PM, at Hotel ZAZA: 5701 Main Street Houston, Texas 77005. Find more at

The Samaritan Spirit Award recognizes the good Samaritans among us who cross the road to assist those in need. The award pays tribute to individuals who have made significant contributions to human health and growth, demonstrate a spiritual sensibility in their work, personally and professionally respect the Samaritan Spirit, and have a clear understanding of what it means to love your neighbor and show mercy.

Fees and Support
As one of the largest mental health providers in the Houston area, we see all individuals who come to us for care, regardless of their ability to pay. Many clients use medical insurance to cover the cost of counseling, as our counselors are eligible on a variety of insurance plans. We also offer counseling to children, adults and families on a sliding fee scale. Fee adjustments are available based on personal financial need and available funding.

The Carole and Ronald Krist Samaritan Counseling Center is accredited for continuing education by the American Psychological Association, the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, the Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists, the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners, and is nationally accredited as a service center and training program by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and the Samaritan Institute


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