Cloud Solution For Your Home Business


Cloud SolutionHome businesses have plenty of issues to decide on. In the very beginning, the high competition in the marketplace can be discouraging, taking into consideration the fact that some of the competitors are huge corporations with enormous budgets.

The first idea that should strike everyone is to find some points where money can be saved. The Cloud solution is a crucial option. With its development, there is no more need to invest huge capital into an in-house network. Now, it is possible to host and manage data entirely off-site. So, the conclusion is pretty obvious: transition to the Cloud and save money. Here are some factors for small businesses to consider when making a choice of which app to use.

1. Security

There are two points here. Many believe that cloud services are not secure. The truth is everything’s relative. Let’s compare a budget of a small business that’s recently launched into the market and the one of the company that’s integrated a cloud service. What do you think, whose services will be more secure? Who can afford more money for security investments? Cloud users can use up-to-date firewalls and anti-virus software. And small businesses often consider what else they can save money on. So, you just have to decide what’s important when making decisions regarding security.

  1. What-We-Need List

You need to create a list of requirements. In other words, you are to write down all the IT tasks your company deals with. That will determine which cloud apps you’ll need. If it appears that several apps are required, you can use a cloud platform. Such a platform allows you to immediately log in to all your apps.

  1. Probation Period

You have to accept the fact that you’ll have to spend a lot of time on testing. Almost all the cloud services have trial options. And you are to use all of them to be 100% sure which exact app to buy. Moreover, you’ll have to involve your employees into the process of choosing. They will be more than willing to switch onto something they’ve chosen by themselves.

  1. Decision

Experience shows that the best time to switch to the Cloud is during a period of changes in your company. For example, servers crash, software requirements to update, change of office, etc.

Now, let’s see what you will not have to invest in when you choose the Cloud:

  • Software expenses.
  • Cables, routers, servers, terminals, switchers and all the staff.
  • System administrators and consultants.
  • Upgrades and downtimes.

Clients’ Experience

The main reason for our clients to turn to the Cloud was to cut IT expenses. The implementation process itself does not take much time.

First of all, we create a cloud platform that will configure applications. Later on, we choose cloud apps that will be suitable for the client’s business process. After the trial period of the cloud applications chosen, we estimate all the expenses and compare them with the ones a client had before the changes. Sometimes, we manage to cut 50% of the previous IT expenses.


The Cloud solution can help your small business take on any competition. With a little bit of time and effort, IT expenses will be diminished, and organization will improve.

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