Create a Healthy Workspace & Boost Motivation with Ergotron’s WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desktop


It’s so important for home business owners to be able to switch up their daily work routine, as it helps boost motivation and creativity. For many entrepreneurs, this means having the ability to move about while they work rather than have to sit in an outdated, traditional desk all day. With Ergotron’s innovative WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desktop, they can do just that! It easily turns any desk or surface into a sleek, height-adjustable standing desk.

Featuring 12.5″ (32 cm) of click-free (and noise-free) vertical lift, the WorkFit-Z Mini standing desk converter allows you to sit and stand as you please throughout the day. Space-saving and compact to fit both large and small surfaces, it allows you to upgrade to a sit-stand desk without having to purchase an entirely new desk. It is the perfect way to keep you moving and active so you can fight fatigue in the later afternoon hours.

“We wanted to create a product that is accessible for a broad range of consumers who want to work in a healthier way, whether at home or in the office, without disrupting their work environment,” says Brandon Stangl, Ergotron product manager. “The WorkFit-Z Mini sit-stand workstation was designed with the consumer in mind. Requiring no setup, it sits on top of the desk without mounting or clamping and easily moves up and down when transitioning from sit-to-stand positions. 

Ergotron products aim to promote a healthy workplace, and the WorkFit-Z Mini enables the modern office worker to move more for improved engagement, performance and health, while meeting the needs of the evolving workplace.”

The WorkFit-Z will help keep all your essentials contained and in sight and it supports up to 25 lbs–perfect for your laptop, single monitor, keyboard, etc. Those with an eye for design will also love the stylish Grey woodgrain finish that will add a dash of sophistication to any office space. It also features a smartphone/tablet holder and integrated cable management system that tidies up any cable mess.

Ergotron’s WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desktop comes with a full two-year warranty and retails for $249.99. For more information and to purchase, visit and you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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