Decisions, Decisions: Tough Decisions To Make Over Your Lifetime


Decisions come in all shapes and sizes for the working mother with some being much tougher than others. The decision to have a child is not close to the hardest decision you will have to make as far as your child goes. Many life changing decisions needs to be discussed as a family or at least with your significant other. Lack of communication when making these types of choices can lead you to make a choice that your family was not in support of although you thought they were. The positive aspect of this is that not every month or even year is filled with these types of tough choices to make. Below are tough choices that many mothers have to make romantically, professionally, and personally.

Filing For Divorce

Divorce is stressful regardless if the marriage was falling apart or not. Coming to the decision to file for divorce should be done as a last resort once all other options for reconciliation have been exhausted. In cases of abuse or infidelity getting out of the family home might be the best option. Abusers can escalate when faced with a divorce and infidelity should not be tolerated in any marriage. Once you have decided to file for divorce you need to open a PO box as well as a separate bank account. The divorce attorney you hire can send correspondence to the PO box so a nosey spouse can open it. Create a separate bank account that can be used to put a down payment on an apartment or simply to save up money. Those going through often times try to punish the other party by draining the savings account so the person will suffer financially or does not have an option to leave the family home.

Parents Moving In or To a Senior Living Community

Parents getting old can be a tough process in itself but making the decision to let parents move in or move to a senior living community should be a family decision. Some parents are abusive either physically or emotionally so do not for any reason allow this in your home with your children. Convincing parents to move to a senior living community could be a great compromise after downsizing from their current home. These communities offer activities for people who are a bit older and encourages those who live there to make friends. Activities to keep your aging parents up and going can even battle illnesses like dementia.

Cutting an Adult Child Off

Addiction is a terrible disease and it can tear a family apart both mentally as well as financially. Cutting off contact and financial support to an adult child can lead to threats of many kinds. When you have younger children in the home they cannot be exposed to the things that an addict will bring into the home. The toughest decision for a mother to make is to cut off contact with a child but in some cases it has to be done for the greater good of the other children. An intervention should be the first option but if the adult refuses to go they should know the consequences of this decision. Legal problems tend to come with substance abuse so warrants for arrest can be leveraged for participation in a rehab or the option of going to jail.

Leaving a Long Term Job For a Better Opportunity

Leaving a job after years of employment at a company for a better opportunity can be terrifying. There is a chance the new opportunity will not work out and your family depends on you financially. Weigh the risk versus the reward and have confidence that you can do the job as the company that is hiring you believes that you can. Many companies advertise a position as much better than it is. Using a week of PTO to work at the new job can be wise as the role might not be what you expected. This allows you to keep your long term job and test out the new opportunity. One thing that can prevent this is signing a non-compete agreement at your current or new company.

Tough decisions can impact the life of your family and you for years to come. Think these above decisions out thoroughly and communicate clearly with your family for the best results.


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