Diamonds for women: Choose the right one and be trendy


For decades, women have had a special love affair with diamonds which men could never understand no matter how hard they try. When we talk about women’s diamond jewelry, every season you’ll find various new trends. Now the tough part about these jewelry trends are they can be quite hard to keep up with, depending on your budget, how much you can afford to purchase. Apart from other jewels diamonds has a special place and its forever. Hence, I know you would definitely want your diamond to last and be in style also. So, how would you define which trend is good for you and is also a multi-season trend?

Alright! Before letting you know straightaway how you can have trendy diamond I would like to inform you a bit about the couple of facts of diamonds. I know there are whole lot of things you didn’t know about diamonds but I’d like to make things bit easy for you. Among the crucial diamond properties you can check out the below mentioned 4 C’s of diamond which you give you a better understanding.
The 4 C’s of diamond


When you consider the beauty aspect of a diamond then the cut factor is very crucial. The cut determines the brilliance of the diamonds – how light is reflected, dispersed and scintillated. The top-selling diamond cut shape is the round brilliant. Other cut shapes including princess, marquise, pear, heart, oval, emerald, radiant, cushion and Asscher are considered fancy cut.

A carat is equal to one-fifth of a gram (.20g).Carat weight is written in decimal numbers, but it is frequently expressed in fractions which are easier to understand. The price of diamond increases when carat weight is higher because larger diamonds are not quite common and also more desirable. However, determining on three other aspects: color, clarity and cut two diamonds of same carat weight can have really different values.


Now, color aspect is truly based on your personal preference. Just remember that you are searching for a stone with very little color or no color. Diamond color is graded by professionals certified by various gem certification organizations like, The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute). They give grades on a scale from D to Z. This is how you can see:
• Grades D-F are considered colorless.
• Grades G-J are considered near-colorless.
• Grades K-M are called faint yellow.
• Grades N-R are very light yellow.
• Grades S-Z are light yellow.

Just for your information you can understand that the clarity is a measure of those small imperfections found in most of the diamonds. A flawless diamond with no imperfections is very rare and quite expensive too. Hence, just keep in mind that that is quite common for a diamond to have slight imperfections.

Choose the right and trendy one for you

Now, when you know a lot of things of diamond I hope you are ready to select the right choice for you. The first thing you want to start out with is the adoption of the trend by major designers. This is tough, because the bigger the designer, the sluggish they are to interact with the new trends that are in season. A few companies do a great job of setting styles, as opposed to pursuing them. These are the companies and designers you want to keep an eye on. Ring designers have done great job in this aspect of setting good and trendy diamond jewelry. You will see trend setters often design products which stay long while in the market and remains desirable for a while. Diamond designers are the great example of this trend setters. If you think that you have seen whole lot of collection and want to find a unique collection then that’s where you your collection is hidden. You can even check with boutique online diamond jewelry store which has got special and trendy designs.

Another good way to see what’s there in the trend is magazines and fashion blogs. In various magazines and jewelry or fashion blogs you’ll see trendy diamond jewelries which will wow you. You will see a celebrity on the red carpet with a special diamond jewelry which becomes the trend. However, it is quite hard to say how long that the trend is going to stay. But if you really like a design then there is nothing wrong in wearing that even if others are not wearing the same.

You can also play it safe by choosing a staple piece of jewelry that never goes out of the trend. You can go with solitaire diamond jewelry or classic jewelry. Moreover, when you can have your own selection and start your own trend. May be you have chosen a design and people start asking you about it, you know you are onto something. Who knows? You might discover that you have passion for settling jewelry trends.


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