Discover 7 Ways To Make Money Online


Discovering where to start when venturing into online business can be very daunting. For a newbie, doing a Google search returns information that requires sorting as they contain loads of junkies and scams. Therefore a wannabe internetpreneur requires adequate patience to scan through the loads of junkies to obtain the information required. Often times, it takes quite some time to break even. Another issue is the fact that one can get a lot more confused in the process as so many vendors splash their wares in our faces claiming that their own system, own machine, automated system, instant wealth system, suresystem (they all call it various names) works 100%.after being convinced by various sales pitches, many would be internetpreneur hastily buy this systems and packages only to discover that they’ve just purchased another book or system that they cannot make sense of. I must also state that there are still many vendors and books out there that I consider to be very good and educative when it comes to jump starting one’s career in internet biz. In the light of this, I have decided to list 7 different ways of jump starting a internet business. Some, you can start without any start-up capital, others with minimal capital. The main goal is to create a successful business with little or no funds. So here we go:


Blogs are online diaries. Over the years, it has transcended more than that as various businesses and popular websites have started theirs. Blogs are electronic diaries that you can use in sharing your personal interest online. For example, if you are a celebrity freaked person, or you love watching the Hollywood E-channel, you can start a blog where you write about the latest Oprah’s Flop, or the memoirs of Paris Hilton. It does not matter what you are writing, you will definitely arouse common interest as long as you are original. Yes original. If by chance you get started with blogging, please do not copy and paste post from article sites. I once did that when I started blogging and I noticed that it put off loads of visitors. Even if all you rant about is the nightmare you had last night or the latest video games you played or some form of boring food you eat, you will definitely get visitors who will be captivated and will always come back for more of your posts. A good way to start blogging is signing up with blogger or wordpress both are free and after couple of posts( lets say 2 to 3), you can then add Google adsense. I also recommend subscribing to Darren’s Problogger It was of immense help to me when I started blogging.


The internet is a huge market place, especially for the selling of digital products. It has also revolutionaries publishing as you can create a book within minutes without any start up capital. With the use of free softwares like DoPDF or other sophisticated commercialized ones like AdobePDF, you can create and sell electronic books without any startup capital. The first step to this is finding and carving out a niche for yourself. You can find niches by subscribing to nicheaday. Nicheaday is reputable for sending out niches about different subjects that you can write about on a daily basis via email.

I personally prefer writing on a topic that you I have more knowledge on. Are you a vegan? You can write a book on vegan diets.

Are you a scaffolder? I am sure there are so many scaffolders willing to learn new tricks about scaffolding; do you have a cure miracle for acne? Then you could create a book out of this. Just make sure you write quality, using simple English. It is best not to bore your readers with loads of jargons. So many online e-book buyers are looking for simple, fast and effective “how to” products. Don’t make yours complicated. After the creation of your book, you can sign up at clickbank or paydotcom as a client and sell your book.


Do you not have the creativity of creating your own product? You can actually promote other people’s product online. One good thing about this is that, each time you make a sale, you are entitled to some percentage of the entire sale. This could range from 10%-70% depending on the agreement. A great place to start is clickbank or paydotcom. You can then promote those products though your highly trafficked blog or via article marketing. Article marketing can be done by writing reviews on various products you are promoting on article directories like articlecity or EzineArticles. There are other article directories you can make use of, and using Google search will be a good idea. Other ways of promoting products is the use of Google Adwords. Be aware of the fact that Google AdWords requires a startup capital and also a level of expertise in writing ads, as failure with this could result in you losing money.


I did this quite a long time ago before leaving the trails for my younger sibling. I remembered starting up by selling two pair of shoes I got for Christmas on Ebay. As brand new, both of them are worth $100 but I ended up selling it for a record $90 inclusive of postage. Afterwards, I started selling fairly used shoes that I bought from charity shops and car boot sales. Another trick I used is arbitraging. I sometimes do buy products on eBay cheaply from sellers who do not list them in appropriate sections cheaply and sell them using a highly optimized sales pitch.

I did make quite a lot of thousands from ebaying, and you as well can do exactly the same by signing up for eBay and selling junkies littering your home that you do not need. Be sure that someone somewhere out there wants them and are ready to buy them.


Becoming a web hosting reseller is quite profitable in the long run as long as you can perfect your business strategy. Web hosting and domain registration is one of the frameworks of the World Wide Web. Without it, various businesses will not be able to create an online presence. You do not need to have your own server to be able to start a web hosting services. You can actually sign up for a virtual server, which is basically an allocation of a server space to you by your server provider. You then break out the server space into smaller chunks that you can sell to clients who want you to host their services. An example is that of Nairahost. The owner actually realized that Nigerians do not have credit card facilities to pay for web hosting  online , so he created a web hosting service where an individual/client can  make  payment for web hosting in the local currencies (Naira). As at last year, The Company grew up to have a 400 client base.


Not all paid surveys are scams. There are quite couple of them that helps you to rake in profit quickly. While I have not participated in paid surveys that much, I have heard reviews from quite couple of people who claim to have  made   money  via paid surveys. A good example of a paid survey website is Paidsurveyetc.

Warning: Please read reviews  online  about paid surveys before you  make  any decision either to sign up or not, as I cannot guarantee success with each individual ones.


Can the genius in you match that of Alex Tew, the million dollar page creator who figured out that he could turn his webpage into pixel and sell each pixel for $1. He ended up making millions from various companies and internet firms who jostle to buy his premium pixilated web page. Others are the creator of Youtube, Facebook, and the popular Hi5. Do you have a weird idea? can you create something unique that brings out the new face of the worldwide web?, Then you can become a rich whizkid overnight by bringing out your ideas to light. Irrespective of how and what it is, JUST DO IT. But but…….make sure it’s ethical…….

Starting an online business is not a bed of roses; it requires dedication and spending quite some time working online. The best way is to hang in on there and continue what you have started even if you do not realize profit at the start. Use Google to search for tones of information online about your niche. Sign up on forums to read about other people’s idea’s and experience and you sure should be on your way to the top.


Source by Olugbenga Aijotan