Factors that can Affect Your Chances of Promotion


As a working mother, it is only natural to want to provide in the best possible way for your family. Many mothers are very career driven as well as family driven, with ambitions of career progression to improve the future for their families. Moving forward with your career means you can enjoy a more rewarding career and earn more money for your family.

However, you need to ensure that you are familiar with the factors that could stand in the way of you and promotion, as it is not always as easy as you might think to progress. There are various factors that could affect your ability to get the promotion that you are after and by making yourself aware of these you can take steps to remedy them before you make any applications for promotion.

Some of the things that could stand in your way

While there are many obstacles that you may face when it comes to promotion, here are some of the top ones to bear in mind:

• Lack of experience: Sometimes it is simple lack of experience that will stand in your way of promotion. In order to get around this, it is a good idea to ask your line manager about shadowing a member of the team that you want to move into. This will give you more specific on the job experience, which you can then use when you apply for promotion.

• Your financial status: While this doesn’t affect jobs in all industries, your credit status and financial situation could affect the chances of certain promotions. It is therefore worth keeping an eye on your credit report and score. If you have damaged credit, think about using credit repair services to try and get yourself back on track.

• Lack of qualifications: In some cases, it is lack of specific qualifications that may stand in your way of getting promoted. This is something that you can tackle in a couple of ways. You could see whether your employer offers any options for training and learning. If not, you can always study an online course to fit in with your work and family commitments.

• Poor performance: Another thing that will be taken into consideration is your existing performance at the company. This is not just in terms of your work and productivity but also things such as sick time and lateness. Make sure you only take sick days when you are really sick. Also, make sure that you are not regularly late for work – it can’t be helped sometimes but don’t let it become a habit.

• Lack of team skills: If you lack certain team skills such as working as part of a team, communicating effectively, and engaging with other members of staff, this could have a big impact on your chances of promotion. Make sure you brush up on these skills if you need to – there is plenty of advice and even courses that can help you with these areas.

By making sure you take steps to remedy issues such as these, you can help to boost your chances of getting promoted.


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