Finding The Right Business Hotel For Moms


The world of the mother that travels for business is stressful to say the least. After coming home from a long business trip there is no excuse not to jump back into mother mode. The right accommodations can make all of the difference leaving you feeling refreshed after a business trip to another state or country. Settling for a generic hotel that does not cater to business needs can impact a business related trip in a negative fashion. Take a proactive approach and let the company know which hotels that you find suitable. For all-star employees a company most likely will have no hesitation to try to make these type of employees happy. The following are things that a mother has to look for in a business hotel.

Close To Transportation

Easy transportation like a train station or access to cabs allows a mother traveling on business to commute seamlessly to meetings regardless of location. Renting a car and driving in certain places is not the best idea as parking can cost hundreds of dollars for a week-long trip. If you have an older teenager bringing them along for a trip allowing them to see a new city can be a great way to bond. Road trips are also common so having company can help a drive go much more quickly. For a mother that frequently travels for business it is important to use some of these trips to bond with family.

In The Area of Meetings

Being able to reach the building where meetings are located simply by walking helps cut down on stress. Nothing is worse than running late for a meeting due to unforeseen traffic delays. There will be some clients that want to grab dinner or a drink to finalize contract details. They usually pick somewhere close to the office and this can be a great way to build rapport with other staff members. Entertaining clients can be a huge part of sales depending on industry so make sure to pick up the tab. Client retention is a huge part of success for many businesses as the cost of attracting a new client can be astronomical.

Entertainment Nearby

Business trips need to be enjoyed while you are off of the clock. Whether you are staying at a Chicago or New York hotel, knowing where good nightlife and food is could not be more important. Plan what you are going to do each night while you are out of town on business. This can allow you to look forward to something more than sitting in the hotel watching TV for an entire week. Nearly all companies offer a per diem for food and other expenses so take advantage. You can eat at an expensive restaurant alone with the company money covering it all or only a few dollars out of your pocket. Relying on fast food and delivery is not a healthy option when you travel frequently for business.

Business Center

A business trip can be full of multiple client meetings with some being relationship management while others could be closing a sale or simply pitching a new product. Regardless of which of these is happening during a business trip having a business center where there is printing and Wi-Fi is imperative. Printing off the latest quote for a product could mean the difference between closing a sale or the prospect looking elsewhere for a product/service. This is the place where day to day work can be done as not all people can concentrate in their room with the TV on.

24 Hour Gym

Falling asleep in a new location can be tough but sleep could not be more important. Sleep aids can leave you groggy for a huge meeting with a client which is not optimal. Take some time during the day to work out at the gym that the business hotel offers. Not only will this help with fitness levels but it can also help in getting a good night’s rest. There will be some hotels that have minimal equipment but the staples usually include a treadmill, stationary bike, and a few different dumbbells. There are plenty of workouts online that can be completed with limited equipment so there is no excuse!

Being the point person when it comes to important meetings can foster job security as well as help a mother climb up the corporate ladder. Find the right business hotel for each destination that you travel to on a regular basis as it can make all of the difference!


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