Flexible Jobs That Pay $19 or More Per Hour


Flexible Jobs That Pay $19 or More Per HourBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Whether you want to work from home and be your own boss, or you’re looking for a flexible job option that pays well, there’s a lot of opportunities out there—especially if you know where to look!

In fact, depending on your skills, schedule, and willingness to work away from home, there are plenty of flexible jobs that pay $19 or more per hour, which works out to close to $40,000 per year—the same salary you could make working a traditional 9-to-5 office job.

So, if you’re tired of clocking in at the office or if you’re just looking for a way to build your household income, take a look through some of these great flexible job options.


With blogging, the sky is literally the limit, in terms of income, flexibility, and opportunity. In fact, one of the most challenging parts of blogging is simply getting started. If you’re wondering how to set up a blog, check out our tutorial.

Once your blog is setup, you’ll want to use smart strategies to monetize, connect, and promote your blog, as well as build up your audience. There are many six-figure bloggers out there, and all it takes is a little creativity, an interest in helping others, and the ability to write or share with others online.


Bookkeepers can earn up to $60/hour, depending on your experience, area of expertise, and ability to build up your client base. Bookkeeping is different from accounting in that you don’t need an official degree certification to be a bookkeeper.

If you have experience with bookkeeping or if you’re interested in getting started, there are classes available to help you learn about software, understand the basics, and even learn how to start your own bookkeeping business. Many bookkeeping jobs can be done right from home and offer flexible hours.


Copywriting is writing content, copy, and persuasive prose for clients and customers. You might write ads, web content, scripts, brochures, catalogs, social media updates, white papers, or newsletters. The options are nearly endless.

You can make between $25-$35 per hour to start out, and there are a variety of websites that list copywriting gigs online. If you’ve got a flair for writing and you’re interested in the possibility of freelance or copy work, you can check out listings on LinkedIn, Problogger, FlexJobs and Indeed.


Business and career coaches can make great money helping people figure out what they want to do with their lives and guiding them toward their goals. There’s a broad range of coaching types, including career, relationship, fitness and even life coaches. Coaches can make anywhere from $25/hour up to $325/hour.

Career coaching requires honesty and a commitment to helping people learn how to put their best foot forward. You may help people write their resumes or hone their interview skills, or you might even help someone decide their next steps on their career path. For some coaching positions, you may need background training in dietetics, sports medicine, or psychology. Other types of coaching may require only experience and a client base. Some coaches help people overcome fears, work on their speaking skills, or master selling techniques.

Delivery Driver.

If you want to help families get fast, healthy meals on their table, Munchery delivery driving can be a terrific opportunity. Munchery drivers make $20/hour and often serve the same neighborhood (so they get to know the people and become familiar with their route). The mission of Munchery is to help families solve the “what’s for dinner” question with a healthy option delivered straight to their door. Drivers get reimbursed for data and mileage and are offered perks like AAA and oil change discounts. In some neighborhoods, drivers can even work by bicycle.

Dog Walker.

If you’ve ever wished you could just spend the day with your dog, or if you’re looking for an active career, consider dog walking! Wag! dog walkers make up to $25/hour working through an app that connects them with dog owners looking for services. After a simple screening process, walkers learn how to use the app to find dog-walking opportunities right in their own neighborhoods. If you’re fond of dogs, love walking, or if you’re just looking for a fun, flexible chance to earn money while getting outdoors, this could be a fantastic opportunity for you.


Uber drivers make $19.04/hour and set their own schedules. During busy times, drivers can pick up a steady stream of riders, meet new people, and enjoy a very interesting and fun job. If you really enjoy meeting new people and love driving and navigating, Uber is a great opportunity to make money.

Uber drivers must be over 21 years old and pass a background check to get started. You must be a licensed driver with your own vehicle (2001 or newer, or 2006 or newer in some cities). After the simple application process, you can start to secure driving opportunities right away!

Freelance & Contract Work.

Office professionals with experience in a variety of industries can find work through . If you have two years of experience or more in a variety of industries, you might be able to find a full-time or flexible contracting position through one of the varieties of professional companies SpareHire works with. Positions pay up to $100/hour with signing bonuses and other perks available.

Just upload your resume and fill out the application. From there, you can browse the positions available, and if anything sparks your interest, you can send a letter with your application for the role. Then, you log your hours through their system for contract work and start making a significant amount of money. Many of their roles are very flexible, and 80% of the positions are work-from-home jobs.

Home Improvement Referral Business.

Anyone who’s navigated the tricky waters of home improvement understands how valuable guidance and assistance can be. From securing contractors, to vetting workers and ensuring follow-through, a home improvement referral business provides a very valuable service.

If you have experience working with contractors and in home improvement, starting a home improvement referral business might be perfect for you! The pay can be excellent with the right client base, and even part-time home improvement referral business owners can make $50,000 or more per year.

Jewelry Sales Representative.

If you love jewelry, enjoy selling, and are looking for a great consultant job, you can earn $40-$50/hour selling personalized jewelry through Initial Outfitters. Following a multi-level marketing structure, Initial Outfitters is flexible with hours and offers chances for promotion, bonuses and sales recognition.

Selling popular items like jewelry from home in a “party” format gives stay-at-home moms a chance to earn money while doing something social and fun, in an easy, low-pressure setting. As you move through the process and start to build a sales team, you can earn money by sponsoring and working with other team members (helping them live their dreams, too).

Moving Assistant.

If you’re strong and enjoy setting your own hours, and you don’t mind helping people move, becoming a moving assistant might be a good opportunity. Bellhops hires college students looking for an opportunity to make $24/hour assisting individuals with the moving process. Students must be at least 18 years old and have their own smartphone.

Dolly.com similarly pays up to $30/hour for movers who pass a background check and either have their own truck or are willing to assist with lifting up to 75 pounds. Both businesses are great opportunities for people looking to supplement their income with some physical work and who appreciate giving people a hand to make the moving process less stressful.


Working through the very popular company Stella & Dot gives stylists a chance to sell beautiful accessories, jewelry, scarves and more to other women in a comfortable, in-home setting. You set your own flexible hours and have a chance to earn anywhere from $160/month (with 3-5 hours of work a week) up to $4,500-$90,000 per month managing your own sales team.

The company follows the MLM format, where stylists control how often they have to work and set their schedule. By helping other women host “Trunk Shows,” Stella & Dot reps can earn selling bonuses and credits, and help hostesses earn as well. It’s a lot of fun and a reliable company to work for.

Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistant positions can vary in pay. Most make between $12-$60/hour to start, but some virtual assistants make up to six figures once they grow and expand their businesses (especially if they’re running their own). The tasks of a virtual assistant vary from bookkeeping to freelance work, content writing, marketing, editing, and other administrative and executive assistant duties.

Marketing assistants, bookkeepers, writers, graphic designers, and those who have experience with SEO, WordPress and online platforms often have a great deal of success becoming virtual assistants. So often, busy companies have a number of roles they can outsource to virtual assistants, or these companies are online-based themselves, so the prospect of working with a flexible assistant really fits their business profile and needs.

There’s a multitude of opportunities when it comes to flexible jobs that pay a livable and generous wage. If you’re hoping to work from home or ready for a job that’s a little outside the box (or cubicle), try one of these flexible job opportunities!

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Flexible Jobs That Pay $19 or More Per Hour


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