Freelance writing jobs – Why is it a good option for mothers?


Statistics furnished by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed reveal that in United Kingdom alone, as many as 1.6million individuals have joined the bandwagon of freelancers. Among them, one out of the seven are mothers.

If this is the scenario in just United Kingdom, the figure will be even more eloquent if the number of freelancers across the globe is taken into account.

Millions of freelancing mothers can’t be wrong. In this write-up, let us find out more about the benefits that you can enjoy by adapting to this mode of working. Does it really gives you the opportunity to strike a balance between the two worlds – home and work?
Freelance writing is probably the best employment for working mothers

Writing from home is an extremely attractive option, especially if you have a creative bent of mind and a flair for writing.

Benefits of freelance writing from home

Let’s see what features make this field so widely opted for by freelance working mothers. First and foremost, working from home gives a perfect chance to strike an equilibrium between personal and professional life. But there’s more.

Extra income

If you love writing, you can easily squeeze an hour or two of writing for clients in your day – even if you are working somewhere else – and enjoy extra income. And if you can fit more than one client in your schedule, your earnings will multiply quickly.

Abundance of work

With digital marketing, SMM and SEO boom, you can be assured that there will always be need for good quality content that can add value to the websites and consequently online businesses. However, in order that you get consistent work load, you must be writing extremely good, original, informative, simple and easily understood content. Nailed it? Now do your best to find a client who requires fresh and updated content all the time.
Provision to work from anywhere

Those who have chosen freelancing writing job as a career, surely enjoy an edge over folks who work full time in the office. While white collars are required to stay glued to their chair and adhere to strict time restraints, freelancers enjoy the privilege of working from just about anywhere. If working indoors is fogging your thoughts, carry your laptop outside to your garden and work there. Moreover, once you have completed the research, you don’t even need Wi-Fi. Indulge in working offline – the utmost luxury of modern business era.

Flexible schedule

One of the biggest benefits of freelancing is the flexible working hours. Keep everything on track by chalking out working schedule in the morning. Align your tasks with other important errands by setting the specific time slots, and stick to plan throughout the day. By doing so, you can complete your work, look after the children, tick off household chores, and even whip up that favorite dessert of yours within the same 8 hours.

Keeping interest alive

In freelancing writing jobs, there is very little space for monotony. Unlike mid-level office jobs where you basically do the same things every day, writing gigs keep your interested at all times. Every client assigns different topics. They all require different approach, and a tons of research in various fields. Not only that lets you learn heaps of new things, but also keeps the passion for writing alive.

Educating yourself

The researchers state that to keep healthy and sound in any age, you need to be constantly challenging your brain. Writing is perfect for it – as you have to learn a lot of new information first (imagine how much you can learn if you write essays!) , and then process it into high-quality witty text. Even if deep-googling the nuts and bolts of the tax system are not exactly your definition of fun, look at it from the other point of view. Never again will you struggle with a topic for a small talk at accounts party!

Building a career

Writing is a business, and a rewarding one. With the dedication, careful customer service, and proper diligence you can build up your hourly rate to the most satisfying numbers and accumulate an impressive portfolio along the way. Just make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to establish the routines and have patience to go through “famine” as in “feast-or-famine” without losing your motivation.

What matters at the end of the day is whether or not you have been able to give in your best while remaining sane, healthy, and happy. With the freelance writing, you can be accomplished and successful, while having exactly the life-work balance you crave for. Try it today!


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