Having a Website Is Not Enough: Tips To Make It Increase Business Profits


Business owners are more than aware that a website is a staple of nearly every successful business. A lack of a website can make consumers think that a business might not be very legitimate as a website is cheap and easy to have created. Having a website simply is not enough as a poorly designed website can actually do more harm than good. For example, a medical practice with a poor quality website might not instill confidence that the quality of care will be high due to not paying attention to an important part of their business. The following are ways that you can improve a website in order to allow your business website be as effective as possible in a variety of areas.

Define The Goals For The Website

What needs to be done before the website is even outlined is to define the goals for the website before it is created. Once the website is created then it can be too late to tinker with things without confusing customers by changing the layout of the site constantly. A dentist’s office does not usually sell things off of their website so setting appointments or giving contact information can be the main goal of the site. For an ecommerce site selling the most products would be the goal for the website. Other websites like those in digital marketing might bring in leads as well as showcase results garnered for clients as well as establish the business as a leader in the niche. A website can be successful without a defined goal but to set the site up for maximum success the ultimate goal has to be in mind while designing the site.

SEO Both On and Off of The Site

Search engine optimization is growing evermore important with a variety of companies competing to reach that top spot for a specific keyword phrase. Something as simple as ranking in the top 5 for a specific phrase can mean a multitude of business compared to those ranking on the second or third page. Make sure the website and keywords on the site are optimized for SEO. Great content on the site that can be linked to by related sites will help increase online presence and help search engine rankings. Content posted on other sites by the company should also be of the highest quality to help bring in leads from those reading the content.

Test The Website Thoroughly Before Launching

There is nothing that can lose customers like an ecommerce site that is constantly down or has bugs which makes it difficult to purchase things. Consumers are much more aware of sites trying to steal information and credit card information. Those sites that have glitches or other errors can be seen as a site that is poorly developed due to it trying to steal information. Hiring a few testers as well as having family and friends test the site is important. A site might be great for one consumer who is very tech savvy and confuse an older person without tech knowledge so designing it to fit all demographic is important.

Build a Social Media Following To Promote Content

Social media is an incredible way to increase the reach of posts or blogs on the website. The best part about these platforms is that they are free unless you want to pay for extra promotion. This is the place where you can engage with readers as well as build a sense of community among your followers. Company accounts that simply post without responding to comments can expand their reach but might be seen as a cold corporate entity. Even large companies with great social media teams can help garner attention like that of Wendy’s making joked about IHOB which was formerly IHOP.

Put time and effort into the website as it will help increase sales, leads, and brand recognition. The website is the first impression many consumers get of a company so make sure to put your best foot first!


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