How a Business Can Benefit from Eco-Friendly Insulation


Every home, store, and office building needs spray foam insulation to help protect those within from the elements without. While we all go to great lengths to ensure that our homes and cottages are equipped with proper, heat-conserving insulation, few business owners are concerned about their store’s insulation.

It’s a simple fact that when a store bleeds heat, it bleeds customers. In the winter months, a cold and drafty building can leave your customers with an unpleasant experience. Often, we find that customers who are cold and uncomfortable are far less likely to become repeat customers. Truly, there is nothing worse than having to shop somewhere as unwelcoming as a drafty retail store or having to work somewhere as gloomy as a cold office building.

Most business owners compensate for poor insulation by cranking up the thermostat. By heating the building throughout the day, business owners take on expensive and unnecessary energy costs. It already costs thousands of dollars per year to heat a mid-sized office complex or retail outlet. So, don’t make the mistake of spending more than is needed to by turning up the heat whenever the temperature drops.

Instead, business owners can save big by investing in effective insulation solutions. In fact, within the first year of installing premium insulation most business owners save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills—savings which start to add up as they reoccur every year. Plus, new spray foam technologies have made insulation eco-friendly.

Want to find out how your business can benefit from upgrading to eco-friendly insulation? Read on as the experts at Spray City Insulation break down the top reasons why any business should consider making the switch today.

Go Green to Get Green

Over the years, the commercial insulation industry has garnered a bad rep by using hazardous fiberglass and mineral wool materials. Today, new environmentally-friendly alternatives have been developed that are not only safe and sustainable but also more effective than traditional insulators.

Spray foam solutions have ushered in a new era in insulation. From storefronts to office towers, spray foam technologies such as Walltite ECO™ are revolutionizing the way we think about insulating our buildings. Plus, spray foam insulation is the first of its kind to meet the high environmental standards set by the GREENGUARD™ Certification Program. This certification ensures that the insulation solution is comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient.

Since spray foam insulation is both eco-friendly and energy efficient, business owners can save on heating costs while also minimizing their environmental impact. Today more than ever, customers are seeking out businesses that practice corporate social responsibility—by switching to eco-friendly insulation, anyone can join the growing list of business owners who are adopting more socially responsible business practices.

Insulation That Lasts a Lifetime

Unlike the old, bulky insulation of yesteryear, spray foam insulation is built to last. By upgrading to spray foam insulation, not only will it shield all the customers and staff from the harsh weather outside, but will also benefit the owner with peace of mind. With spray foam insulation, one never has to worry about replacing the material or paying for routine maintenance costs.

However, insulation is only as good as its installation. If improperly installed, spray foam insulation might require professional servicing later on. To prevent these unnecessary headaches, trust the experts at Spray City Insulation to take care of the installation for the business.

Keep the Heat, Lose the Energy Bill

Spray foam insulation is loaded with radiant heat barriers that trap thermal energy inside. As a result, the interior of the building stays warmer for longer than traditional insulation methods. This means no more sky-high electricity or gas bills, as spray foam insulation reduces the need to artificially heat a store or office.

As a business owner, one should want the customers and staff members to feel invited from the moment they walk through the doors. By choosing spray foam insulation, it’ll show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make their experience doing business with them as comfortable as can be. Being treated like an honored guest is what causes casual passersby to becoming repeat, lifelong customers.

Ready to Upgrade Your Insulation?

For years, Spray City Insulation has served homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) looking to upgrade their insulation solutions. At Spray City, they specialize in installing green, eco-friendly foam insulation. For a free estimate, contact them today. Spray City Insulation Phone: 416-613-5881 or email them at

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