How A Mother In Sales Can Start Closing More Deals


The world of sales is competitive regardless of the industry that you work in. A mother that has high sales numbers can earn quite a bit more than a mother with a fixed salary if the commission structure is decent. Closing an extra sale a week can make a large difference in yearly money earned as well as sales numbers. Most companies are willing to do nearly anything to accommodate an employee that closes sale after sale. This will also lead the company to give you those great leads which close in a matter of days. The following are tips to help a mother take her sales game to the next level and start closing more deals than ever before.

Dress To Impress

Dress in a professional manner to all sales meetings as you want the prospect to feel like their deal is the most important one that you will ever close. This makes the prospect feel important and closing a sale with some people is all about appealing to their ego. For those people that tend to sweat a lot it might be wise to change in the bathroom in a building next to where you are pitching. A sweaty look can make someone pitching look desperate and desperation rarely if ever closes deals.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene needs to be stressed as you do not want to have broken out skin or bad breath in a face to face pitch. Take care of your skin as you only have one chance to make a good first impression. People look at those people that they deem attractive as holding more positive qualities like being trustworthy. While this is not fair, it is just human nature so make sure that you are looking and smelling great!

LinkedIn Can Help

LinkedIn can be a great resource for those in sales as you will be able to see when a professional connection or personal connection starts a job at a new company. If this person had done business with you at their previous company they are going to be much more likely to do a deal with you again as long as the work was delivered at high enough quality. The rapport that you have built will allow you to have quite the advantage on other companies that are trying to pitch this connection. LinkedIn also allows a salesperson to see who might be making the final decisions and pitch them directly instead of going through multiple layers of people at the company.

Asking Current Customers What They Liked About Your Pitch

The customers that you have closed a deal with can be great resources. Ask the customers what they liked about the pitch and what made them decide to do a deal with the company. You might find that there is a common part of your pitch that is much stronger than the rest. This will allow you to modify your pitch to make it as seamless as possible. In the same manner ask what they did not like about the pitch. Think of the customers as your research resource when it comes to your sales skills.


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