How MSPs Can Save You Money When Partnering With Vendors


More small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) than ever are turning to IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for outsourced IT services. MSPs function as a fully-external IT department. Essentially, they replace in-house IT teams and control the everyday functionality of your business banking Winnipeg needs. This has a variety of benefits including time savings, increased cost-efficiency, and many more.

But one of the most overlooked benefits of MSPs is their ability to save you time and money when partnering with new hardware and software vendors. Let’s take a look at the ways that partnering with an MSP can save you money!

1. MSPs Can Identify, Eliminate Redundant Systems

When you bring in a Managed Service Provider to replace your IT team, they’ll begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your existing IT systems, hardware, infrastructure, and software.

Then, they’ll create a comprehensive report detailing their findings. This is the perfect opportunity to eliminate redundant systems such as outdated VoIP hardware, redundant network connections, legacy servers/software, and more.

Then, your MSP can recommend hardware and software that can be used to replace this outdated technology – saving you money, and increasing the overall efficiency of your IT systems.

2. An MSP Can Help You Create A Strategic Technology Plan

This is the next step that a great MSP takes when partnering with a new company. Once redundant and outdated systems have been located, they will work with your company to create a strategic technology plan.

This strategic technology plan outlines your IT business goals and strategy for the next several years. Creating a comprehensive strategic technology plan allows you to avoid buying redundant or unnecessary software, and helps you streamline your vendor partnerships in the future.

3. MSPs Have Great Relationships With Software And Hardware Vendors

Most MSPs work with specific software and hardware vendors regularly, and use their system for all of their clients. This means that they can usually secure a great rate for products and services – and they’ll get prompt, responsive support from hardware and software vendors if a product malfunctions or is not working correctly.

This leads to more consistent, high-quality IT infrastructure, and helps you save money – an MSP is usually able to get a better rate from vendors than an internal IT department, due to their size and volume of orders.

4. MSPs Can Help You Renegotiate Contracts

If you’re already working with a number of vendors for telecommunications, IT software, and physical hardware, your MSP can still help you save money.

Often, vendors are more than willing to renegotiate contracts after a set interval of time. For example, if you need increased bandwidth from your ISP, your MSP can contact them, and help you renegotiate your existing contract to get the performance you need.

The same is true for renegotiating contracts with cloud partners, hardware vendors, and other IT support companies.

5. Your MSP Does All The Legwork When Researching New IT Systems

Researching, analyzing, and deploying IT systems can be a serious hassle – especially for smaller IT departments. It’s critical to take the time to research all of your options, and choose the right technical solution for your business. But if you take too long, IT efficiency may suffer – and you may end up with a sub-par solution as a “band-aid” fix.

But if you hire an MSP, you don’t have to worry about accidentally choosing the wrong IT systems for your needs. Your managed services provider will do all of the legwork for you. Experienced consultants will analyze the specific needs of your business, and find the software or hardware vendors that offer the perfect solution.

This allows you to reduce the risk of deploying the wrong IT solutions, and saves you quite a bit of time, money, and energy.

Choose An MSP – And See The Benefits For Yourself!

Whether you’re part of a smaller company without a dedicated IT staff, or a larger company that is interested in augmenting or replacing existing IT personnel, partnering with an MSP has a variety of benefits.

The above benefits are just the beginning. With the right MSP, your business can save money, implement more effective IT solutions, and become more profitable. So think about how your business can use an MSP – and get started with IT managed services today!

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