How to Cash in on the Legalization of Marijuana


In the past year the “green fever” stirred a lot of emotions on all sides, but nobody can deny that 2017 was definitely the year to start investing into cannabis and potentially develop a business with very little effort.

With the recreational legalization going into effect in Canada in summer 2018, many investors started seeing opportunities to cash in big time. Early 2017 was definitely the time to get your chips in. But, you still have time.

The United States haven’t considered federal legalization yet as a move, but medical cannabis has been legalized in more than half the states. Also, all of the Pacific US legalized recreational weed, and half a dozen other states have done so as well.

So, with the current situation in Canada and the Pacific US being as it is, let us take a look at some of the things you could, and should pursue if you’re looking for some quick cash and possibly a career in cannabusiness without any previous knowledge about weed itself.

One possibility that has already started rising in popularity is cannabis tourism.

Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis tourism is already well established in some countries like the Netherlands, Czech Republic and a couple other places around the world. Simply put, the opportunity to legally smoke weed and not be afraid of something bad happening is driving people into countries that offer such an opportunity.

Just look at Amsterdam – it’s the capital of Netherlands but 80% of its residents are tourists and travelers. Some will say “but Amsterdam has a tradition for weed and women and such”, to which I say – true. But tradition can be replaced with innovation.

Perhaps the best piece of advice here would be to be creative with what you have already got. Cannabis tourists love seeing the land, open plains and such so if you have some land or a ranch offering tours of the place on horseback could be attractive to this clientele.

Another thing that is proven to pay is converting a part of your house or estate into a weed friendly B&B. You could also just rent out a floor of your house via Airbnb and call it a weed friendly estate – this will definitely pull in some customers.

Weed Art

Some people like watching cartoons when they smoke, others like stuffing their face with cookies, milk and avocado (some people really like that when high), and it is well known that sativa strains give their users a rush of energy and creativity.

Having that in mind, you could organize a small “book-reading-club” styled art class in your home, which will be focused around your students getting high and painting, drawing, filling out coloring books, carving and sculpting.

This is no new idea as most ideas have already been successfully done somewhere. This one was done by Heidi Keyes from Puff Pass and Paint. She says that the demand is ever growing and has been extremely high from the start. So far, she has expanded from Oregon to Washington and has around 150 students in classes which are usually 25 people per class.

Become a WWOOF Host

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a non-profit organization which offers positions around the world for kids and young adults to learn more about farming. In case you want to become a weed farmer, this is a great way to cut on the costs.

WWOOF hosts are usually people with farms of their own, who want to offer young people a chance to learn more about farming techniques and more. For this, the hosts have to offer room and board to the potential incoming farmers. In return farmers work 25h/week on the farm as they learn various growing techniques, and everything along in the process.

This can be a great opportunity for you to start a small organic weed farm, as you’d need only a couple dozen square meters of land to start, your backyard can do fine. But, if you have a couple acres of land – you just might be able to go big.

Hit the Potholes

If you thought beautiful weather is the reason why most of the traffic in Amsterdam is via bicycles you are wrong. Amsterdam has 182 rainy days per year. But, if you are high you most likely won’t care about a little rain coming your way.

In fact, warm weather all along the West Coast offer you the perfect chance to organize bike tours for cannabis tourists. This would require you to invest in a few bikes early if you don’t already have them, and of course always having some weed ready in your pockets in case the drivers decide to make a break.

Driving high on a nice day with some wind in your back — doesn’t get much better than that. The mountains of California and the woods in Oregon and Washington will give your drivers a sense of being in touch with nature which is something cannabis tourists crave.

Bonus: Invest in Stocks a Bit

Investing in stocks is always a slippery slope if you don’t know what you are doing.

However, with the current state of the marijuana industries in Canada being as it is, all odds are that weed will be legal this summer across the country. Businesses are eagerly awaiting any and all investments.

So far, many Canadian weed businesses have made significant strides forward and brought their shareholders joy. Investing in the 3 Canadian weed giants — Canopy Growth, Aphria and Aurora Cannabis, will most likely result in you getting big returns really fast.

Whatever you decide to invest in, make sure you check it first with someone who’s dealt with these types of stocks before. So roll a joint, get yourself a broker and start getting that green!

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