How to Create a WooCommerce Store: Step-by-Step Guide


Want to know how to create a WooCommerce store? No need to shout for help. Check out this step-by-step guide and get the store you wish in no time. To begin with, WooCommerce is one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms used for launching online stores these days. And that’s no wonder at all. Jam-packed with tons of innovative features and customization options, WooCommerce is a better option that may work for you. The point is, WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin allowing you to have your online store up and running in no time. For newbies it can be quite overwhelming at first, however, we’ve got you covered. Let’s learn how to create a WooCommerce store in this step-by-step guide.

Step #1. Why Choose WooCommerce?

Well, you can find lots of plugins for WordPress, allowing you to add an online store to your website in as little as five minutes. All of them work well for their purposes. However, with over 3+ million active installs, only WooCommerce stands out. In fact, WooCommerce powers over 42% of all online stores. So, if you’re on the lookout for the best solution for your online store, WooCommerce is right up your alley.

Among the main WooCommerce benefits, we’d like to mention that it’s free of charge, so you’re not going to burn a hole in your pocket. A great choice of extensions designed to encourage you to help you lead your customers through a buttery-smooth shopping experience. Not to mention that WooCommerce is easy to master and gives you full control over your online store and offers a big collection of ready-made design choices. You can check its staggering collection of beautiful WooCommerce themes and make your pick.

Step #2. How to Install WooCommerce

The installation process of the WooCommerce plugin is quite simple. In order to add an online store to your existing WordPress website you need to go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New, and search for WooCommerce. Now, hit the ‘Install Now’ button and get the installation started. Once it’s installed, you need to activate it.

Step #3. Welcome to the World of WooCommerce!

The first thing is you are prompted to install a Setup Wizard to take care of the initial settings in as little as a few clicks. So, hit the ’Let’s Go’ button.

Later, there’ll be created the default pages like My Account, Cart, and Check Out, which you’ll be able to locate in the Pages section. Detail some important information about your products like your location, currency, units to measure your products, shipping, and payment options. After that hit the ‘Ceate Your First Product!’ button and get ready for your new store!

Step #4. Adding and Managing Your Products

Here comes the most interesting part where the real magic happens. To get started go to WordPress Admin > Products > Add Product.

This is the place where you can customize your products’ data. Thus, you can set physical dimensions, dates for sales and short descriptions. Moreover, you can enter in the regular and sales price of your products. If you wish to display numerous products on your page, you just need to create categories and assign products to them. With the collection of powerful shortcodes, you can display products by post ID, SKU, categories, attributes and more.

Step #5. WooCommerce Settings

WooCommerce settings give you the opportunity to explore various things about your digital online store. Thus, you can view orders, coupons and reports. In fact, this is the heart of your WooCommerce store. This is the place where you can experiment, try different settings like currency, admin details, base and selling locations, taxes and much more.

Don’t forget to check WooCommerce Addons to find necessary extensions you may need for your WooCommerce store. Go to WordPress Admin > WooCommerce > Add-ons. The point is there is a vast catalog of WooCommerce Add-ons available. However, you don’t need to get all of those extensions. Pick those that can grow the functionality of your store.

Step #6. Designing Your WooCommerce Store

The best part about WooCommerce is that you don’t need to invest $1,000 to make a difference in your online store. Even if you’re a newbie and have never gotten your feet wet in the web design industry, WooCommerce has made things easy. If you haven’t got a clue where to start, don’t waste your time and try out TemplateMonster, a place with the most staggering collection of website templates suitable for any kind of business.

Step right up and check out the collection of sleek WooCommerce themes ready to help get you started. Don’t chase success. There is a better way. Create a WooCommerce store and make it a roaring success.

Final Thoughts

Diving into the water of eCommerce can be quite a daunting task. However, there’s no reason why you cannot create a WooCommerce store and stay ahead of the game. Of course, it may take time, but even a little practice makes a big difference. Besides, if you’re a serious business owner there’s nothing that can hold you back from going online. If you need to create a WooCommerce store, get the job done. Have fun!

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