How To Deal With a Child With Respiratory Issues or Asthma


More people are impacted with respiratory issues or asthma than you might think. Granted environmental factors can play a huge part in this, it can still impact your life and the life of your child if they are affected. The best thing that you can do as a mother is be proactive about preventing issues and being prepared when these respiratory issues do arise. The following are tips on how to deal with a child that has severe asthma or respiratory issues.

Stay Prepared

Always having an inhaler or some kind of breathing aid is important. You want your child to enjoy life instead of being kept in the home with very little to do due to the asthma. Companies have dedicated their products to cleaning the air for those who might have breathing issues due to airborne pollution and triggers for allergies. Having an air purifier in the home could not be more important as you do not want outside substances to impact your child in the home. Always have a backup inhaler as well as not all kids will tell you when their inhaler is getting low on medication.

Understand Limitations

Asthma or other respiratory issues can limit the activities that your child can perform. For those with moderate asthma sports can be played but an inhaler should be on the sideline at all times. To understand limitations you might have to push them once in a while to see what your child is truly capable of. Of course a doctor needs to be consulted when trying anything new as things like swimming then having an asthma attack can be quite dangerous.

Identify Triggers

Different people have different triggers and allergies to certain animals, pollen, and even grass. Knowing what the triggers are for an asthma attack is important as you do not want to set your child up for failure by taking them somewhere that they are guaranteed to have breathing issues. If the family pet is the trigger it might be time to look for another home as the health of your child simply is more important. Allergies change over the years so something that did not bother your child a few years ago can give them issues now.

Move Under Extreme Circumstances

There are just some areas of the country that have too much pollen or other things that can trigger allergies or breathing problems. Do research on some of the best areas to move if your child simply cannot handle their current environment. This is not an option for all mothers as employment is a must and moving can cost quite a bit of money. Take the time to sit down with your child to explain the move as it will only increase their quality of life. This is a sacrifice that you might have to make to have the happiest child possible.

Be proactive when it comes to dealing with your child’s asthma. This approach can decrease attacks and allow your child to live a normal life. The medical community continues to come up with new cures and treatments so this might not be a problem that you have to deal with for long!


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