How to Give New Customers a Warm Welcome


Once your business has managed to attract a new customer then the hard work really begins. This is because getting customers make repeat visits is an essential part of ensuring that your business grows and word spreads about your services.

So what can you do to make sure that your customers get the warmest welcome possible to your business?


There are few things better to boost brand loyalty than by surprising your customer with a free gift. It’s a strategy that has helped multinationals like Proctor and Gamble ensure that a wide range of people at least try their products. And whilst it’s hard to work out exactly how many will become devoted customers, it’s a PR exercise that never fails to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Join the club

Another way to make new customers feel welcome is to let them know they they’ve automatically become part of a special club. This feeling of uniqueness can be seen through the online gaming site LadyLucks who have developed a VIP programme amongst their casino promotions to reward repeat customers for their loyalty.

Saying thank you

It’s often just a case of a little old-fashioned good manners that can really build a bond between a company and customer. Fashion brands like Nasty Gal routinely include simple thank you notes along with the goods that their customers buy. And whilst it’s hard to quantify what this means in terms of repeat visits, it’s clear that a simple note of thanks can play an important psychological trick.

The power of email

With social media making it easy for casual browsers to quickly seize the latest bargains, it requires that brands make a little extra effort in rewarding their loyal customers. This is why companies like Adidas have perfected the form of email marketing to ensure that their customers get first choice of promotions that vary from free shipping to some generous voucher offers.

Checking in with the customer

And finally, it’s important to remember that good customer service doesn’t always have to be reactionary. Checking up with a customer a couple of days after they’ve used your product is a good way to ensure that they’re happy whilst helping to strengthen the business-customer relationship. And whilst it might not be quite as glamorous as a casino promotion, it shows how human interaction is at the core of making sure that your new customers feel welcome.

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