How to Make Money as A Teenager! Top 5 Ways to Earn Income as A Kid! (2016)

Learn how to make money as a teenager with + without a job using these 5 methods Facts5 and I talk about in this video! There are a million ways to make money, you just have the find the right way for you.


1) Start a Business! | Turn your hobby into a passion
When I was twelve, I started an Instagram sneaker account, build a decent following of 30K followers and used it to resell sneakers. I had an interest in clothing & fashion so I decided to make money out of it. I ended up selling that Instagram account for hundreds of dollars and started my YouTube channel. This YouTube channel has allowed me to shine more light on my other hobby, graphic design. Now I get over 15 clients and month and make a good paycheck off of it.

Everyone has had that one great idea that might earn you millions but did you know you can actually put that dream into practice. When Facts5 was fourteen, he started a graphic design company. A year later, he started a YouTube network and used his earnings to purchase a car. As a teenager, small companies with a small initial investment are best. He started his graphic design studio with 3 dollars a month and made close to 100. He used the profit from said studio to invest in my network, and that’s when the real money started coming in. How can you find that best business with a small risk and high reward? Do some research! Find some people already doing what you want to do. Find an investor, or invest your own money. After that, you’re golden!

2) Flipping Products
Look, it may sound kind of stupid, but many teenagers have seen all sorts of success with flipping small-ticket items. I’ve had success with this, as well! Many of my friends have begun buying items at wholesale, at yard sales, or even at a retail price, and turning around and selling them online for a premium price. In fact, one of the best products to flip is Lego; the plastic building toy can be bought in massive bins, and then sold on sites like eBay or Bricklink by the piece. By the piece! Minifigures alone can go for three, four, even five dollars! Regardless, there are several other things you can resell, sneakers, clothing, toys, posters, anything!

3) Grow a Social Media Page
Remember that meme page you unfollowed because they posted too many ads? Guess what. They’re probably making more money than you. Running themed social media accounts on twitter and Instagram can earn users several dozen dollars an hour for each hour an advertisement is live–pages with over a million follower charge over $15,000 AN HOUR to allow ads on their page! Now THAT’s a payday.

4) Start a YouTube Channel
Not everyone who starts a YouTube channel is going to be a millionaire; that’s just the truth of it. However, most channels with several thousand subscribers can earn you a fairly good payday! Best of all, you’ll never even have to leave your house. It’s simple, fits your schedule, and is all up to you.

5) Get a Job
It’s the easiest, most reliable, highest-paying all around, best way to earn money as a teenager. Getting a job as a teenager is fairly elementary. Apply for an entry-level position in food service, bagging at a grocery store or working a cash register. These jobs almost exclusively pay minimum wage but give you an easy wage to use for money in other scenarios.

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