How To Make Money Online – Basic Principle


You would think in today’s world  making   money   online  would be the simplest thing in the world, right? I mean you take something you’re interested in, or a product you have to market, you create a website, buy some place to put the website and bang your  making   money , right? No!

Ok, i hear you say, “but hang on the search engines will pick it up and traffic will come – won’t it?” Well actually yes they will pick it up (if you submit it) but just because you are now on the web doesn’t mean you are the next or The fact is you need to be pro-active and drag people to your site by advertising in the right manner.

So why do you need traffic? & How do you get traffic to your site?

Well the fact is, and this is a secret you need to remember because everyday I am shocked as to how many people don’t know this… The fact is there is a buyer for every product out there.

That’s right! It doesn’t matter what you sell or what service you provide, one of the billion plus people who use the internet every day is going to be interested. The trick is in finding enough of those one billion people who are interested to (a) get you to breakeven point & (b) make a sustainable profit that provides a good income from.

So how do you find people who are interested in your product?

You don’t. (“What!”) i hear you say… but what happens is they find you. I’ll say that again so you understand – They find you!

That’s right – you need to create an internet marketing network so that whenever someone types in for example “internet marketing” into a search engine, like Google, your results come up. I’ll tell you now that you just won’t do that by submitting one website to search engines – the network you must create needs to be very wide and specific to your area of product or service.

The methods of forming this network are the subject of a different article but the point is so important that i have dedicated an entire article about it. I see far too many people falling down and giving up, not because they had a bad idea but because they didn’t know how to bring traffic to their site.

Internet marketing is the essence of  making   money   online . If anyone is reading this and is think about selling anything on the web my best advice is to learn how to market on the internet before anything else.

When you learn how to market on the internet you can take any product or service and  make   money   online  from it. The sea will get a lot smaller and you will be the fisherman with the largest net.

See you in the winners circle.


Source by Azard Hosein