How to Make Money Online – It Really Isn’t That Complicated


I bet you have searched the web far and wide trying to figure out this whole  make   money   online  thing. There is so much useless information out there that things can quickly become very confusing. So I have decided to draw the line and just give it to you straight. No nonsense and No BS. Just good valuable information on how you can  make   money   online .

So here we go. Here are the 5 things you need in order to  make   money   online .

Find a hungry crowd – The first thing you need to do is find a hungry crowd. A hungry a crowd is just a bunch of people that really really want your products or services. So how do you know if you have a hungry crowd or not? Well its all about mindshare. I got this tip from Travis sago. Mindshare is the number of times a day a person thinks about their problem. For example, a person who is overweight thinks about losing weight just about all day and all night. A person who is struggling to pay their bills will think about that every hour of every day. Your job is to help solve those problems which leads us to step 2.

Find a product that will solve the problem at hand – Once you find a hungry crowd its time to give them what they want which is a solution to their problem. Head over to Clickbank and find a product that you can offer to your hungry crowd.

When picking a Clickbank product look for vendors that offer materials such as articles, banners, rebrandable ebooks and product reviews. Also look for a product with a decent gravity. Gravity isn’t everything, but its a good indicator that a product is making sales.

Set up a simple blog – After you have found a product to promote you need to set up a simple blog to promote it on. Write 5-10 articles and post them on your blog. You can also add other things such as banners and product reviews to help sell the product.

Generate traffic – After you have your blog set up, its time to start generating some traffic. This is where you tell the hungry crowd all about the product that will solve their problem. To generate traffic you need to distribute as much valuable content about your product as you can. write and submit articles to article directories such as EzineArticles and GoArticles, create and submit videos to video sharing sites such as YouTube and Viddler. Your job is to get links pointing to your site so you can get traffic and ultimately make sales.

Rinse and repeat – Find more hungry crowds, set up more blogs and sell more products. And that’s how you  make   money   online . It doesn’t matter if your selling an affiliate product or your own product. If you follow these steps you will be  making   money   online  before you know it.


Source by H. Miller