How to Make Money Online With Facebook


Hi there, I’m sure if you have been on the internet for any amount of time you’ll have heard of the social networking phenomenon. Today I’ll like to toss out a few new ideas on  making   money  or marketing through the power of social networking. The reason why this is particularly powerful is because social networking allows you to build networks of relationships which you can then leverage into a powerful marketing mechanism in which your customers look for you, instead of you constantly having to look for them. And best of all, it’s free. Let’s take a closer look at how we can make it work for us.

If you are new to Facebook, basically it’s a site where you can set up a profile and invite people to become your friends. Once they have accepted your invitation to be your friend, they will be notified on all updates you make to your profile. If you are an experienced marketer you will already be able to see the great possibilities.

If you are yet just starting out, the reason this is so powerful is because you have a way of reaching out to all your friends and followers constantly and without fail. On the site, you can place your pictures as well, plus other interesting information for people such as products which you recommend. Below I will share an example to marketing a sample product say a dog training product using Facebook.

The first thing you need to do is to set up a Facebook account. Go to and set one up. Then you need to set up your profile. Because I am interested in marketing a dog training product, I will put in information relating to dogs in my profile. I will also put in my affiliate or product link in the profile and nowhere else. This is important. I’ll explain why later.

Once you have set up your profile, the next step is to increase the number of friends who will be seeing your status changes and notifications. You can do this easily by doing a search for friends and inviting people. Some will accept, probably some will decline. Your goal is to get as many friends as possible. I have seen accounts with more than 10,000 friends. An intermediate goal may be one with 1,000 friends.

Once you have 1,000 friends, your role now is to give out free information and content that interests them. You do this through your status change box. For those new to Facebook, there is a box where you can enter a short message on whatever you want or what you are doing currently to let all the people in your network know. This is the place where you will be doing your marketing.

A word of caution. Do not spam your affiliate link in this box. Your affiliate link should ONLY be in your profile. The kinds of things you want to update people constantly are things like free articles on dog training, videos, funny doggy clips, cute pictures or updates on your own dogs. Once in a while you can broadcast something like, “I finally got my dog trained, this eBook helped me a lot!” but make sure you have built up a lot of goodwill in the interim, by giving your friends lots of value.

As you can see, social networking can be a very powerful marketing tool but it does mean that you will have to put in some effort into building the relationships, unlike paid advertising. Because there is a relationship there, your marketing efforts will be stronger and longer lasting and best of all, you are making new friends!


Source by Dan Conner