How To Make Your Beauty Stash Travel Friendly!


-Makeup palettes: line the inside lid with drawer liners. This is a challenge for anyone, with fear that your makeup will break up into pieces like chalk. So how do you do it? I actually got this tip from a makeup artist friend of mine, who works at MAC; he puts drawer liner inside all of his makeup palettes! That you could easily pick up at Target, Walmart, or the dollar store! Cut it to the appropriate size, make it stay by rolling some tape, & it’s slim enough for the case to close! Inexpensive, & convenient!

Tip: You should always treat your palettes delicately, regardless of how you insulate it. It’s an easy fix should a blush / eyeshadow break, but if anyone has gone through the experience: it can be quite messy. Stick to the safe side & treat your palette like a fragile item.

Lay N Go Cosmetic Bag, $20
-Individual Makeup Products: Of course, you could always pack your makeup in a makeup bag, but I think this is an amazing one to go with when you travel. Especially if you have a lot of it, & end up endlessly digging through your bag. With this new product on the market, you can pack all of your makeup, & then open & spread it out once you need it!

Other Options: For the light traveler: A small makeup bag, For the long term traveler: Mary Kay’s Roll Up Bag, $20
Of course, if you’re the girl who loves being low key, a small makeup bag should do the trick. For the longer trips, perhaps you would want to get a roll up makeup bag, which not only does it fold up, but has separate pouches that you can pull out & put back! Compact & convenient! For makeup bags in general, my favorite places to buy them are Target, Forever21, & Victoria’s Secret!

Clockwise: Target’s Gravity Feed Travel Bottles $1 each, Cool Gear Silicone Squeezable Tubes 3 oz $10, Cool Gear Silicone Tubes Assorted Sizes $8, Travel Spray Bottles, $1 each, Weekender Cosmetic Bag $20,
-Bath & Body Products: You could pick up the travel sized bottles that cost $1 each, or you could get the silicone kind! I have a slight preference for the silicone ones, for they are easy to squeeze (to get out all the product), & when you’re done with them you could just pop them in the dishwasher! If you’re taking a short trip, you could probably fit them all in a small makeup bag, but for the longer trips you might need a weekender (above).

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