How To Make Your Next Flight Super Comfy!


Traveling.. why is something so amazing but yet so uncomfortable? With annoying checks through security, small seats in economy, & with fewer amenities on board airplanes, it seems impossible to travel comfortably. Here, with these items you can make your flight more pleasant!

-Get your own pillow. Yes, I know everyone seems to have one nowadays, but is yours comfortable? I personally prefer the pillows with beads vs. inflatable, but did you know that you can get one in memory foam as well? If you’re one of those who love to lean while you sleep, now they sell ones that you can comfortably lean on!

World’s Best Cozy Microfleece Travel Blanket, $10
-Bring your own blanket. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a blanket; you could cover yourself with your coat or a large scarf. The temperatures in the cabin can change very suddenly, so it’s best to stick to the safe side & bring your own.

Eye mask & ear plugs, $13, Hearos Earplugs, 14 pairs, $6
-Utilize eye masks / ear plugs. If you’re sensitive to light, an eye mask would be a wise investment. Personally I’m very sensitive to noise, so I always have on hand: earplugs. There are times when I hear crying children, or other people talking that I just want to drown them out & not be bothered when I’m trying to sleep.

Sony’s Noise Canceling Headphones, $41, Symphonize Wood In Ear Phones, $26
Bring noise canceling head / earphones. Of course, you’d want to bring your own pair, & not be stuck with the cheap ones that the airlines give out. Or worse, be forced to buy theirs! Nowadays if you get earphone foam tips, some of them are made with memory foam, so that when it expands it shapes to the inside of your ear! Enjoy whatever music you want to listen to (at a better quality!), or just put them on to drown out the noise around you.

FlyCushion Seat Cushion, $35
Portable seat cushion? Hey if you find their seats uncomfortable, why not? Also this is great for people who have back pain. Click here for a wide variety of travel seat cushions!

-Bring your Ipad, Kindle, favorite books / movies. When you have to suffer through long flights, usually most airlines nowadays have individual tvs for each passenger & you have a wide selection of movies to watch. There have been times where I was stuck on one of those large domestic flights where they only had small monitors for viewing, up by the ceiling. And there was an occasion where the audio was broken on my side of the plane! And there was another incident when I flew & had the unfortunate luck of being stuck with a broken tv; and all the airline could offer me was a $5 refund when I landed. Be on the safe side & bring your favorite things to listen to / watch / read. Tip: If you do bring an Ipad, Kindle, or cell phone, don’t forget the chargers!

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