How to Start Your Earning With a Blog – Make Money Online With Blogging


 Making   money  with a blog, what you think about it?

Blogging is a burning question now days on the web. Most of people want to start a blog for  money  but Writing a blog is very easy task but  making   money  with the same blog, I mean blogging for  money  is a dam hard task for new bloggers. So how to  make   money  with the blog. Can any one  make   money  with a blog, how to start a blog for  money , I am giving you a simple answer to all the questions above. I am giving you the roadmap to start a blog in short time period.

1. First of all think about the topic of your blog. What it should be about.

The answer is simple; choose a blog topic that you love to read on Internet. Choose a topic about your hobby and passion so you can continue the blog easy in future.

2. Starting a Blog: Choose a blogging Platform.

In start is best for you. It’s easy to use, flexible, easy to maintain. But yet powerful and reliable for you, so go to and sign up and make your new blog. Choose the name of blog, and the title cleverly for your blog.

3. Writing contents: Writing Pillar Articles for your blog.

After creating a new blog, you have to write some killer articles for your blog in start, Write at least 5-6 killers and powerful post with quality research and contents, and publish them on your blog. Post frequently on the blog and fill it with quality content very often, at least once in 3 days.

4. Traffic tactics: Promote your blog on Social media and Internet for Traffic.

After quality contents you have to promote your blog on social media, Make your accounts on,,, and Submit your articles to these and link your Rss feed to them, Submit your blogs to directories like,,, and for page rank and SEO. Submit your blog to Write articles for your blog and submit it to article directories.

5. Earning  money : Start  making   money  with your blog.

Now its time to  make  some  money   online , After all that promotion you will get traffic to your blog soon, then you can convert the traffic to  money  with PPC and Amazon Affiliate networks.

The best PPC program is Google AdSense for all. GO to and register yourself and submit online application to apply. You need to wait at least 4-5 days for approval of your application. Then place ads on your blog and start earning  money  when some one clicks on your ads. Also apply to Amazon Affiliate network.

In the End I want to say that blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme,  making   money  with a blog needs some time, dedication and hard work. Please be patience in your early blogging and don’t dishearten if you fail first time.


Source by Irfan Gul