How To Use Different Shaped Makeup Sponges! And The Best Way To Clean Them!


Different shaped makeup sponges! If you’ve shopped around for makeup sponges, you will see that nowadays they come in all kinds of shapes & sizes! But the baffling thing is this: how do you use them? I once did a search & there aren’t that many guides / explanations on how to use them. And I’m here to explain it for you!

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With these kind of sponges, you’re supposed to soak them, squeeze the water out, & then dab it in foundation & apply to the skin. You could also apply eye shadow, concealer, blush, bronzer, the list goes on! Liquid, cream, powder; these sponges are really versatile & how you can use them! And of course if you really want the airbrushed look, you should dab your makeup on when you apply.

-Teardrop shaped. Of course, the original Beauty Blender is shaped like a teardrop. You could use the wide bottom for the larger parts of your face, & you could flip to the pointed end & use that for the smaller areas of your face; like around the nose & the eyes.

-Pear shaped. This is just like the teardrop shaped, just slightly contoured in the middle for a better grip. With the wider end, you could use it also to blend highlighter, by rolling it i.e. on the apples of your cheeks, or on your forehead. Again the pointed end is for the small areas of your face.

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