HOW to WORK FROM HOME and make REAL MONEY in 2015

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One on one training. Say you are a business person who is stuck. You want to move past the pain ( marketing, sales, business development) you need the help of a seasoned business person ( yeah that is me)

I do this:

★Business Development ( start up , to new channel development)
★Video Marketing ( hey that is how you got here!)
★Sales and sales program development. Includes CRM

Current Pricing- can change anytime

3 month consulting – 4 – calls a month. 60/60/30/30 – $3000 a month or $7500 paid in Full- business plan development and research.

6 month consulting – 4 calls a month 60/60/30/30 – $4500 a month
or $19000 paid in Full business plan development /research/sales program development.

9 Month consulting – on site training early stages, business development planning CRM development. – $6000 a month $50,000 paid in full. business plan development /research/sales program development. Sales team training.

Call this number 404 -558 -8111 to get your free first call. This is for qualified clients ( I feel you are family already) only, you know who you are.

★★★★★ Group Setting Training

Premium Seller Facebook Group
Weekly Sales Training
How To Make A Million Dollars in 24 Months Course

This is for the budding business owner, who wants to learn more about business development ( sales, marketing, processes, etc)
$250 a month cancel at anytime.

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