Improve The Ergonomics of Your Workspace & Prevent Back Pain With The Posture Stand


Standing desks are all the rage right now in the office industry. However, many home business owners crave even more versatility and the ability to bring their work to various rooms of the house. The Posture Stand is exactly what they’re looking for! Smaller and more convenient than a standing desk, The Posture Stand allows you to create a standing desk at your kitchen table and you can even create a mini desk while working on the sofa!

The Posture Stand is fantastic for entrepreneurs who experience back and neck pain from sitting for too long. You are able to stand up and raise your screen so it is closer to your natural eye level, in turn correcting your posture and reducing any discomfort/aches. Made from aluminum and zinc alloy joints and featuring 360-degree rotating legs, adjustable height, and table angle, this high quality stand will boost your workspace’s ergonomics.

Suitable for laptops up to 17″ wide, this durable, versatile, and simple-to-use stand can be altered to suit your needs and correct your posture. It was even approved by the London Spine Clinic! Featuring holes for ventilation (to prevent laptops from overheating), it also includes an attachable mouse stand to help make your workspace even more efficient and organized. It is available in White, Black, and Raspberry Pink to match your office design.

Priced at just $69.99, The Posture Stand is a simple and budget-friendly way to completely switch up your workspace. To see the line, visit their website.


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