In Your Creative Element: The Formula for Creative Success in Business


How Can You Boost Your Team’s Creativity?


With the UK creative industry worth £71.4 billion per year, with its 2.62 million workers contributing more than £8 million per hour to the UK economy, it’s an attractive career path for many (Department for Culture Media & Sport, 2014). But can anyone work in a creative role or does it take a natural talent? Even for those not working in a role defined by its creativity there is always the need to be innovative, in developing new strategies and catching the attention of increasingly time-poor consumers.

But perhaps creativity isn’t necessarily a gift that you either possess or do not, but rather something that can be developed and expanded, can be instilled in teams and departments, and can be developed to drive businesses to further success.

In her forthcoming book, In Your Creative ElementClaire Bridges shows how to develop creativity, to build on weak spots, and to play to existing strengths. While some may say that ‘creativity cannot be taught’, Bridges has developed a unique ‘Periodic Table of Creative Elements’ which shows 62 key elements which pull together in a formula for creative success. The book explains how creativity can be explored and developed, and importantly how creativity can be built into teams and, going further how a culture for organisational creativity can be cultivated.

Grounded in research and practical case studies, Bridges explains each element of her Periodic Table, based on Dmitri Mendeleev’s 19th century original, in depth. From Pixar’s focus on the unknown (element Unk) to award-winning creative agency Unity’s inexhaustible supply of creativity (element Cs), Bridges takes a deep look at what it takes for anyone to be creative and how to put new creative skills into practice.

In Your Creative Element helps readers identify a personal creativity formula for success, and kick-starts the creative journey. It provides personalised insights so that readers can develop their knowledge and skills and their own formula to unlock creativity and apply it in any context.

Giving advanced praise for the book, Paul Davies, Marketing Director of Microsoft said that “Claire demystifies the chemistry of creativity with practical tools & advice in this book. By openly sharing her own experiences, Claire gives inspirational tactics & exercises to unlock creativity in everyone. She lifts the bonnet on creative thinking, and shares the secrets of today’s creative masters”. Bruce Daisley, UK MD of Twitter, commented that “In Your Creative Element neatly consolidates academic research, practical experience and the latest business thinking to help equip individuals and companies with the know-how to leverage creativity for business advantage.

About the author:

Claire Bridges is founder of the UK’s leading creative training consultancy, Now Go Create, whose philosophy is ‘that everyone can be creative’. At 32, Claire was one of the youngest Managing Directors ever working for a global PR agency, part of the world’s biggest advertising and media company WPP. In Your Creative Element features exclusive proprietary work undertaken by Claire for her MSc in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership from City University London – she is one of only 55 people in the world to hold this qualification.

About the Book:

In Your Creative Element by Claire Bridges, Available 3rd Dec 2016, RRP: $29.95, EAN: 9780749477325


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