Infographic: Tech Used by Fastest Growing eCommerce Companies


When starting out in any pursuit, whether it is art, sport or business, it is best to observe what the experts are putting into practice and mimic their model for success. When looking at the eCommerce landscape It may come as a surprise how two businesses serving vastly different markets can operate nearly identically. It is analogous to how from the same toolbox you can build a child’s dollhouse or a beachfront mansion.

In this study, RedStagFulfillment investigates what combination of eCommerce applications are responsible for the toolboxes of the Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies. They found approximately 1100 businesses on the list to have a commerce-enabled site and isolated these as the sample. Using the BuiltWith API they were able to find what technologies are supporting their sustained growth. “Growth hacking” may be a buzzword that gets thrown around recklessly, but the benefits of having technology that is “scalable” cannot be overstated.

This study from RedStagFulfillment highlights how the large majority of fast-growing companies utilizing similar technologies to scale. If you are considering which eCommerce platform, analytics tool, payment platform or other technologies to implement into your company, this study will illuminate the model of success achieved by the fastest-growing companies.

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