Is Wix Really the Best Website Builder?


With increasing social media use and the popularity of the internet as a tool, business owners must come up with creative ways to engage potential customers and clients. And one way to make this happen is through the creation and maintenance of websites. When done right, websites can connect the business to prospective customers, and ensure their loyalties. Having an online presence makes your business accessible– it can give customers the chance to browse your product offerings at any time, and business goes on even if you are enjoying some personal time remotely. In short, having a website today has become a necessity, something that should be considered by all enterprising individuals, no matter the business or niche.

And this is exactly the trend that one can find online. Individuals are looking for ways to creatively make their own sites, and a number of sites are now offering tools and online infrastructure that can help in the creation of websites. Some of the popular platforms now available at the disposal of individuals and business owners are WordPress, Blogger and Wix. Among these leading options, Wix gets a sizable attention online, and many are saying that it’s the best platform to build a website. So, is Wix really the best website builder? Is it really your best bet, and what makes it better than the rest?

Less effort, greater value for your business

What makes Wix a standout in the business is the flexibility and creative freedom that it gives to users. As a truly responsive platform for individuals and business owners, Wix offers support to various creative ideas. Whether you are running a photography and food blog or you are into events or you simply want to put the spotlight on your CV and recent pet projects, then this platform helps you complete the project, using less effort.

A quick look at its interface will reveal an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that even a first-time user and business owner will easily understand. The template library in itself is something that can excite a business owner. Dozens of templates are available, and these are arranged neatly in categories and are displayed on the left panel of the site. Picking a template (and customizing) it is made easier in Wix thanks to the availability of new templates, popular templates and blank templates that can suit the needs of the more adventurous and creative user.

It’s easy to get started with Wix, and you only need an e-mail to enjoy a free account. For many users and passionate individuals, the free account offered by this platform is already a great idea. Thanks to its large library of templates and apps that can be added to the site, anyone with a creative mindset can easily tinker with the intuitive user panel. But if one wants a truly customized website, one without promotional banners from Wix and a custom URL with its own web store, then a paid account is recommended. The pricing range is friendly enough, allowing a user to fully choose what suits his or her budget. Package starts at $5 monthly, and this can go up to $25 monthly for its premium plan. This is great for the business owner as this comes with a shopping cart, domain name, support, and bigger storage. Compared to other site builders, this price range is reasonable and should work for those just starting out.

Customization made easier with Wix

With Wix, you can actually tap into your creativity in a fun manner. And even if you don’t have the background in website design and other technical details about setting up a website, Wix will simplify the work for you. You can add elements on the web pages, integrate a few apps which you can source from the App Market and include a number of other features that can make the site truly unique. Just like other sites and blogging platforms, the Wix menu offers the common options for text, social media functionality, shapes and other buttons. By checking out the menu, the site platform will also allow you to add Flash code and HTML. In fact, you can even add your favorite Spotify playlist, and you can stream cool music while customers browse the pages.

Working with photos on Wix will give you the convenience and flexibility that’s rare in other platforms. Compared to other platforms, Wix will allow you to reuse your photos that have been used and uploaded. This platform also allows you to import your chosen photos from other websites, including Facebook and Flickr.

From the user’s point of view, Wix can be considered to be a great tool for setting up a website that catches the attention of customers and guests. The intuitive tools and controls, the comprehensive library of themes and other functionality clearly sets this platform apart from the rest.

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