Legit Internet Money Making Business – Can You Really Make Money Online?


The short Answer is YES. But, unlike some would have you believe, there really is more to it than that.

Once one decides to attempt to  make   money   online , they do some internet research and find all sorts of people who claim to be  making   money  and who can show you how to do it too. So now you have to watch out for internet scams in your search for a true legit  money   making  internet business.

You will find out that you cannot simply throw up a website and people will buy whatever you are offering. The old “if you build it, they will come” strategy doesn’t work here. You will soon find out that you need to drive traffic, build email lists, advertise on media like pay-per-click engines, search engines, ezines, articles, autoresponders, and more.

The quickest way, and also one of the most expensive ways, to advertise would be to use Pay-Per-Click advertising but this normally requires considerable upfront costs and you better know what you are doing before hand.

Less Expensive Advertising

Writing articles is a great way to drive traffic and build a business online but it can be time consuming. It is one of the best ways to get your name or website known and many experts online swear by this method. Write about what you know and love and submit them to article directories to get the word out.

Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate way to  make   money  by selling someone else products. The program normally gives you a referral web address that you can then go out and advertise everywhere on the net. How much  money  you  make  depends on how successful you are driving targeted traffic to your site.

Forum Marketing is a way to learn about your business and talk with others about the same interests while getting your website in your signature with every post. This can mean back-links to your website and traffic to your site through search engines at a later date.

This is a long term way of driving traffic and it is also socially driven. You can learn a lot from others in forums if you participate and truly have something to contribute. If you don’t, it is best to just log in and watch until you do.

Social Bookmarking is now a very popular way to network with others and its also a great way to advertise your site/products. You have to do this on a personal level though as traditional salesy tactics won’t work here. Social is the key word here and business revolves around people even though your business in online. Someone is still on the other side hopefully taking out their wallet to buy something from you. Keep that in mind.

Blogging your way to  making  legitimate  money  on the internet is a great way to get your posts noticed by search engines. This is a popular low-cost form of driving traffic and some have made it a full-time business doing only this. All you do is post about what you’re up to a few times a week on a regular basis and this will provide updated content that search engines love. Through in some links to site you own or like and traffic will finally come.

How Can You Get Started?

You should learn all about these methods and others if you want to start or operate a legitimate  money   making  internet business. There is more than enough information out there about all these subjects I touched on. Just remember that any truly legit business has work that is involved because there is no free lunch.


Source by Mike Anthony

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