Light Up Your Workspace With Bellacor’s Versatile Koncept Z-Bar Slim Black LED Desk Lamp


As business owners, we need office essentials that help us maximize productivity each work day. Every element of our office contributes to how productive we are each day, especially the lighting we use. For example, too harsh of lighting can cause stress but too low of lighting can cause eye strain. For those searching for a functional new desk light, look no further than Bellacor‘s versatile Koncept Z-Bar Slim Black LED Desk Lamp.

Whether you want to douse your whole office in light or you need to zero in and light up fine text in a paper chart, the sleek Koncept Z-Bar Slim Black LED Desk Lamp has many practical uses. It easily switches from specific task lighting to ambient lighting–all you have to do is swivel and twist it to accommodate your needs. With its 35 LEDs and continuous dimming abilities, it is a lamp that works as hard as you do!

The Koncept Z-Bar Slim Black LED Desk Lamp features a touchstrip for continuous dimming and on/off control and an optional occupancy sensor. The 35 LEDs also have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are energy efficient (8.5 watt energy consumption). Business owners will also like how the light has multiple mounting options and an extended warranty. Available in several colors, the light measures 14.3 inches high x 9 inches wide x 29.7 inches deep.

Marlon Heimerl, content marketing manager at Bellacor, uses a Koncept desk lamp at his desk each day. He speaks highly about the versatility, utility and elegant form of Koncept lamps:

“Whether I’m performing a task that requires focused light or I want to swivel the neck to cast ambient light against my wall, my Koncept lamp helps my workday run smoothly.” says Heimerl. “Koncept‘s Z-Bar has won awards from Design Magazine, Time Magazine, and is even on permanent display at Germany’s Die Neue Sammlung museum for its innovative design, so I’m not alone in appreciating these lamps. 

Equipped with energy efficient, long-lasting LEDs and a mercury-free design, this lamp is perfect for the environmentally conscious and those wishing to ‘go green’ this year. It’s sleek style and availability in a rainbow of colors even landed it on Oprah’s most recent “O List” in O Magazine in the past.”

At Bellacor, home is a life in progress. Since 2000, Bellacor has carefully curated more than 500,000 hand-selected products, including the stunning and versatile Koncept Z-Bar Slim Black LED Desk Lamp. As a leader in designer lighting, decor, furniture, and much more, Bellacor works with leading manufacturers, customers and trade professionals at Bellacor Professional to make your creative visions become reality.

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