Looking for bloggers to post about our new app!


We’re looking for some bloggers who would be willing to write about what we do and help us get the word out!  And we’d be willing to pay something to say thank you.  If you’re interested, please let me know!  Read on for a bit about us:

Our business started with a heart for friends.  Founder & CEO, Alecia Vimala has a sister who was adjusting to being a first time mom, you guys might relate  ;D) and one day said, “I have nothing to wear! I have a new body now because of the baby and I can’t seem to keep up with keeping both of us clean much less shopping!”  So Alecia went online, found some clothes and sent the pics to her sister, who loved them!

Things we do: Need a dress for an upcoming date?  Need items to organize that panty?  Need a second opinion on what those jeans REALLY look like on you?  We can help!  And we offer the first and only livestream channel that broadcasts straight to your mobile featuring a live group of friends!

Julie Johnson


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