Make Extra Money and Get Some Exercise


By Courtney Heitter

Making extra income doesn’t have to be grueling and it definitely shouldn’t be boring. When you’re motivated to incorporate a side hustle into your routine to take care of your financial future, by all means have fun with it. While there are countless ways to make money, not every gig will be a good time: enter dog sitting/walking. On people make money hanging out with dogs. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s a reality that you can be a part of.

The process is simple. Go to to create an account and become a pet sitter or dog walker via the Become a Sitter link at the top of the page. From here you’ll be prompted to share your history caring for animals, complete a background check, and detail your availability and aptitude (Trained to give CPR to dogs? That’s pretty cool and very relevant, so add it!)

If approved to list your services on Rover, you’ll be listed in your zip code for owners to find and contact you. As far as services to offer, you have a plethora of options: choose to board dogs in your home, stay in owner homes, walk dogs, host doggy daycare, or drop in on pets who can stay home on their own but need some food and love once a day. Let the fun–and money making–begin!

How much money are we talking? Well, that depends on how much you want to work and what price you set. If you’re not sure what to charge for your services, a good idea is to check out other sitters in your area.

  • Which services are they offering, how much experience do they have, and what are they charging?
  • Decide how much time you want to dedicate to your business as well as any saving goals you have in mind. Are you interested in supplemental income, or are you saving for a new car? Or, are you simply interested in hanging out with four-legged friends, with less concern about money?

Some sitters make thousands a month while others are happy with a few hundred. Don’t just take my word for it; let’s check in with a couple of sitters in Washington.

Nicole, a sitter near Seattle, loves greyhounds and side hustles. Naturally, as a small-business opportunity was a good fit. “Becoming a Rover sitter has been a great addition to my life. Rover allows me to set my own hours which gives me the flexibility I need to build a successful dog sitting business. It’s a wonderful way to gain extra income while having the pleasure of hanging out with cute dogs all day! Between the flexible schedule, the ability to make extra money and all the tail wags, I can’t say enough about what Rover has done for me. I give it four paws up!”

Beth owns a pit bull and has a soft spot for all things dog, especially bullies. Her experience on Rover has changed her life. “Finding dog-sitting clients through Rover has been a game-changer. It’s given me a way to generate income that is extremely flexible and yet totally necessary. Seeing the faces of my dog clients’ light up when they see me is priceless. I love them all like they’re my own. It’s also helped me connect with my community and become more social. It’s so easy to strike up a conversation about dogs! I’m so thankful to have made so many connections through Rover.”

Whether you’re saving for something special or simply hoping to add to your future financial stability, running your own business on is a fun option. Get some exercise, cuddle some pups, and increase your income!

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